About CNRG

Computer Network Research Group (UNH-CNRG) brings together students working on research projects with Radim Bartos, an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire.

The group has been involved in many areas of computer network research with subjects ranging from applied work on existing and upcoming protocols to more conceptual studies of fundamental properties of communicating systems. Over the years, the group has collaborated with a variety of partners and has been supported by government and industrial organizations.

One of the main goals is to maximize the involvement of students at all levels in research work. The current and past members of the group include Master's and Ph.D. level graduate students as well as undergraduate students. Majority of the group alumni have found employment in the areas of the work they carried out as members of the group. We are always looking for new members. Contact us if you are interested.


Internet Teaching Laboratory (UNH-ITL)

This laboratory was built using a Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) equipment grant to develop an Internet Teaching Laboratory to be used in networking courses. Additional funding and support was received from:

Equipment includes four carrier-grade Cisco routers, Spirent traffic generators/analyzers, Ethernet switches, wireless access points and Linux PCs. UNH-ITL is located in Kingsbury Hall, room N203.

Networking Laboratory

This laboratory serves as the group's main research resource. It supports software development, running simulations and various experimentation. Equipment in this laboratory was funded in part by NSF ARI grant No. 9601602. The laboratory is located in Kingsbury Hall, room N207.

iPhone Developer Program

The group manages the UNH-CS membership in the Apple's iPhone Developer Program. Come and talk to us if you are interested in application development for the iPhone platform. Also, stay tuned for more information on the new J-term course on software development for mobile handheld devices.

iRobot Create

With support from the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) of Dylan Fransway from the UNH's Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, we acquired three iRobot Create robots.


The group has a number of Sun SPOTs - small wireless devices equipped with a range of interesting sensors based on Sun Microsystems's Small Programmable Object Technology project. In the most recent project, we have integrated the Sun SPOTs to the iRobot Create platform and exploring various localization methods.

OPNET Modeler

The group has an academic license for OPNET Modeler simulation package generously granted by OPNET Technologies as a part of their a University Program. We are currently porting some of our underwater networking simulations to Modeler. More...