CS 980: Planning for Robots

Professor Wheeler Ruml

This graduate seminar is focused on research in the area of planning, which is the part of AI concerned with deciding what to do. The idea is to learn what research in the area is like by actually doing some of it. The exact topic will be determined by the interests of the participants. Student from prior years are welcome to take the class again and either extend their previous work or choose a new topic. Examples of possible topics include:

These topics might be investigated in the context of the CCOM ASV or the AI Driving Olympics, for example.

The main student deliverables will be brief written responses to the papers each week and a substantial paper at the end of the semester reporting on the research project. Projects can be done in teams or individually, and can be implemented in simulation or on actual robots (we have access to several). Prior exposure to algorithms (eg, CS 758/858) and artificial intelligence (eg, CS 730/830) is recommended but not required. Advanced undergraduates in CS and graduate students outside of CS are welcome but should probably check with me before enrolling.

Meeting time and place: For Fall 2018, we are scheduled to meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:10-3:30pm in Kingsbury N204. Let me know if you can't make it at those times and we can try to find a time that works for everyone.

The seminar is usually offered every fall semester .

Schedule for Fall 2018

ideas: incremental phi* (IJCAI-09), , Gupta2 (Ocean Eng, 2015), Shah Diss (2016)

Thu Dec 6: TBD

Thu Nov 29: viz graphs (ICRA 2006)

Thu Nov 25: orienteering problems (EJOR 2011)

Thu Nov 8: CTSP (RAL, 2017)

Thu Oct 25: EST (IJRR, 2002)

Tue Oct 16: MFM for USVs (Ocean Eng, 2017)

Thu Oct 4: receding horizon inspection (Auton Rob, 2018)

Tue Sep 25: COLREGs (IROS 2014)

Thu Sep 20: D*lite (IEEE TRO, 2005)

Tue Sep 18: BIT* (ICRA, 2015)

Thu Sep 13: any-angle biased RRT (ICRA, 2016)

Tue Sep 11: visibility graphs (ICAPS, 2016)

Thu Sep 6: Planning Long Dynamically Feasible Maneuvers (IJRR, 2009)

Tue Sep 4: HPN (ICRA, 2011)

Thu Aug 30: ARA* (NIPS, 2003)

Tue Aug 28: We'll talk about what topics we might want to focus on for this semester. If you are new to reading papers, you might want to review How to Read a Paper and The Task of the Referee.

Schedule for Fall 2017

Didn't get to: visibility graphs (IROS, 2004), foresight (IROS, 2013), GCS (RSS, 2007).

Thur Dec 7: IBSP (IROS, 2015). Programming project demos.

Tues Dec 5: PRMs (IJRR, 1997)

Thur Nov 30: STS (AAMAS, 2013)

Tues Nov 28: task and motion planning (ICRA, 2014)

[ Thur Nov 23: Thanksgiving ]

Tues Nov 21: eps-greedy (AAAI, 2016). Programming project updates.

Thur Nov 16: FMT* (IJRR, 2015)

Tues Nov 14: NBS (IJCAI, 2017)

Thur Nov 9: CL-RRT (IEEE Trans Control Sys Tech, 2009).

[ Tue Nov 7: Friday schedule, no class ]

Thur Nov 2: anytime RRT* (ICRA, 2011). New handbook entries due, programming project updates.

Tue Oct 31: EES (IJCAI, 2011)

Thur Oct 26: BOSS (JFR, 2008). comments on handbook entries due.

Tue Oct 24: RBFScr (AAAI, 2015)

Thu Oct 19: breath-first heuristic search (ICAPS, 2004). Also, revised handbook entries due for rotation and feedback

Tues Oct 17: iSST (JFR, to appear)

Thu Oct 12: handbook entries due, everyone presents for 12 minutes

Tue Oct 10: GUST (TRO, 2015)

Thu Oct 5: handbook entries due, Andrew presents

Tue Oct 3: Wheeler presents

[ Tue Sept 26 and Thu Sept 28: IROS, no meetings ]

Thu Sept 21: handbook entries due, Alison presents

Tue Sept 19: dynamic f-hat (JAIR, 2015)

Thu Sept 14: handbook entries due, William presents

Tue Sept 12: A* (IEEE Trans Sys Sci Cyb, 1968)

Thu Sept 7: BIT* (ICRA, 2015)

Tue Sept 5: RRT (IJRR, 2001)

Thu Aug 31: ARA* (NIPS, 2003)

Schedule for Spring 2017

on deck: velocity obstacles (ICRA, 2008), CL-RRTs (IEEE Trans Control Sys Tech, 2009), Hooker (J Heuristics, 1996), PRMs, Dynamic Controllability (CPAIOR-14); DyKnow, Stanley (JFR, 2006), Boss (JFR, 2008), driving (ICRA 2011), STEHS (IROS 2015), anytime SIP (IROS, 2012), humans collision cones (CDC, 2015), trajectory generation (Auton. Rob., 2015)

Tues Apr 25: variable level-of-detail planning (ECAI, 2010)

Tue Apr 11: TBL (ICRA, 2009)

Tues Mar 21: architecture

Tue Feb 28: D*lite (IEEE TRO, 2005)

Tue Feb 14: MP-RRT (ICRA, 2007)

Tue Feb 7: PLRTA* (AI Comm, 2014)

Thu Feb 2: ARA* (NIPS, 2003)

Tue Jan 31: Planning Long Dynamically Feasible Maneuvers (IJRR, 2009)

Thu Jan 26: We'll talk about what topics we want to cover and the hardware we have to play with. To prepare, you might want to browse around ROS.org and review How to Read a Paper and The Task of the Referee.

Schedule for Spring 2016

Thu May 5: Mo'RTS (SoCS, 2015)

[ Tue May 3: no class, Wheeler away ]

Thu Apr 27: AEES (SoCS, 2012)

Tue Apr 26: PLRTA* (AI Comm, 2014)

Thu Apr 21: TBA* (ICRA, 2009)

Tue Feb 9: implementing heuristic search algorithms in C++ (SoCS, 2012) and in Java (IBM devWorks, 2013)

Thu Feb 4: Dynamic f hat (JAIR, 2015)

Tue Feb 2: real-time search (AIJ, 1990) - might require being on UNH network

Thu Jan 28: ARA* (NIPS, 2003)

Tue Jan 26: We'll talk about what topics we want to cover and look over the hardware we have to play with. To prepare, you might want to browse around ROS.org and review How to Read a Paper and The Task of the Referee.

Schedule from Fall 2014

The queue: RTAA* (AAMAS, 2006); Field D* (JFR, 2007); Implementing RRTs and PRMs (ICRA, 2012); RRT* (IJRR, 2011); HPN with uncertainty (IJRR, 2013), planning modulo theories (ICAPS 2012), Hauser (AAAI ws 2010), GTP (ICRA, 2014), RRT-connect (ICRA, 2000), optimality in robot motion (CACM, 2014), POMCP (NIPS, 2010)

Wed Dec 17, 10am: Final papers (1 hardcopy and an emailed PDF), videos (preferably mp4), and source code (emailed tarball) due at Wheeler's office.

Fri Dec 12, noon (NOTE NEW TIME): final paper presentations (15-20 min talk + 10 min discussion each). Be sure to bring a video of your system working.

Wed Dec 10: Discussion of final papers (25 min each). Bring 3 copies of each of your reviews to class.

Mon Dec 8: Review version of final papers due - bring 4 hardcopies. Here's a link to ICRA format for LaTeX. No other reading due.

Wed Dec 3: multi-heuristic A* (RSS, 2014)

Mon Dec 1: autonomous quadcopters (RAM 2014)

[ Wed Nov 26 is a "Friday" ]

Mon Nov 24: CIRCA (AIJ, 1995)

Wed Nov 19: NAMO (WAFR, 2012)

Mon Nov 17: quick status update presentations. Also, give Wheeler a hardcopy outline of your final paper, including a title and full abstract.

Wed Nov 12: SMAP (ICRA 2010)

Mon Nov 10: nearest neighbors (PAMI, 2014). If you haven't seen k-d trees, background is here (TOMS, 1977). And FYI, adapting k-d trees for motion planning (TRO 2007)

Wed Nov 5: grasping from vision (IROS, 2005)

Mon Nov 3: manipulation (IJRR, 2004)

Wed Oct 29: informed RRT* (IROS, 2014)

Mon Oct 27: ATS+EB (Auton Robots, 2012)

Wed Oct 22: quick status update presentations Also, f-biased RRT (extended version of SoCS, 2012)

Mon Oct 20: [ special meeting place for today: CEPS Dean's conference room (W290?) ] particle filters (UAI invited talk, 2002)

Wed Oct 15: [ special meeting place for today: ECE conference room: Kingsbury W208 ] multipartite RRTs (ICRA, 2007)

Mon Oct 13: RR-GP (Auton Robots, 2013)

Wed Oct 8: model-predictive motion planning (R&AMag, 2014)

Mon Oct 6: pose references (extended version of ICRA, 2014)

Wed Oct 1: PLRTA* (AICom, 2014)

Mon Sep 29: SPARSE-RRT (IROS 2013)

Wed Sep 24: RRT (IJRR, 2001)

Mon Sep 22: Planning Long Dynamically Feasible Maneuvers (IJRR, 2009)

Wed Sep 17: HPN (ICRA, 2011)

Mon Sep 15: aSyMov (IJRR, 2009)

Wed Sep 10: hybrid search (AAAI, 2013)

Mon Sep 8: ARA* (NIPS, 2003)

Wed Sep 3: We'll talk about what topics we want to cover and look over the hardware we have to play with. To prepare, you might want to browse around ROS.org and review How to Read a Paper and The Task of the Referee.

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