Make sure that your read, understand, and follow all the instructions. It helps to speed up the grading process. These are generic instructions, check and follow specific instructions for each assignment.

Paper Submission:

The paper must be submitted using Canvas ( Canvas timestamp establishes the time of the submission. In the unlikely event that Canvas is not functional around the assignment deadline, email me the submission to establish the time of submission and then, as soon as Canvas is available again, follow up with a regular upload to Canvas. You must upload byte-for-byte identical file to that you emailed. Emailed-only submissions will not be graded.

The submission must be in PDF. You are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX as the document preparation tool. The paper must follow IEEE Transaction format.

Code Submission:

This class will use a department git repository for submission of code that you wrote for assignments. An invitation email to join the repository will be sent to your UNH email address. Follow the link in the email and finish creating an account for you. Then you create a private repository and invite the course account (cs925) as the collaborator. The same repository will be used for all five assignments so you need to create a separate directory within the repository for each assignment. I will pull the your repository after each assignment due date for grading. Majority of your grade is based on the assignment report. I will take a look at your code if I have any doubts regarding your methodology or results. While I will not directly grade your code, I fully expect that it will be written in a way that you would not mind showing to a potential employer.

Here are some more details:

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