Due: Thursday, April 13, 2017, 8:10 am (start of the class)


The goal of this assignment is to design, implement and verify an algorithm to estimate the download time of a media segment over a TCP connection. The algorithm must utilize observations made at both client and server side of the transfer. Such an algorithm could be used at the core of an adaptive bitrate streaming scheme.

The solution should repeatedly download a segment of approximately 1 MB and progressively improve the estimate of the download time. The exact arrangement is up to you and so is the way you evaluate the performance. All design decisions and outcomes must be clearly outlined in the paper.

For the experiments, the links between rb1 and rb2 have been reconfigured to represent different real network scenarios. You must test your method on all four interfaces. Please note that a new network cards have been added to both machines recently. As a result, the interface names have changed (interfaces enp4s0f[0-3] are now enp5s0f[0-3], the new interface, not used in this assignment, is enp4s0). The IPv4 and IPv6 addresses have not changed.

Submission instructions:

Upload the paper in the PDF format using Canvas (mycourses.unh.edu) and push your code to the repository. More details can be found in the standard assignment submission instructions.

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