CS 725/825 Computer Networks, IT 725 Network Technology

Assignment Submission Instructions

Make sure that your read, understand, and follow all the instructions. You are helping to speed up the grading process. Thank you!

These are generic instructions, make sure that you check and follow specific instructions for the particular assignments.

Paper Submission:

The paper must be submitted using Canvas (mycourses.unh.edu). Canvas timestamp establishes the time of the submission. In the unlikely event that Canvas is not functional around the assignment deadline, email me the submission to establish the time of submission and then, as soon as Canvas is available again, follow up with a regular upload to Canvas. You must upload byte-for-byte identical file to that you emailed. Emailed-only submissions will not be graded.

The submission must be in PDF. All modern word processing applications are capable of producing PDF documents. Just look for Save As or Export options. Even MS Word allows you to save a document as a PDF file (File - Save As - Format). LaTeX is the recommended but not required tool for document preparation. Make sure that the file can opened using a standard PDF viewers. PDFs consisting of photographs of handwritten assignments will not be graded.

Code Submission:

Code must be submitted using course GitLab repository.