CS 725/825 Computer Networks, IT 725 Network Technology

Course Outline

Introduction to fundamental concepts of computer networks and exploration of widely-used networking technologies. Topics include principles of congestion and error control protocols; network routing; local, wireless, and access networks; application protocol design; and network programming. In-depth discussion of the Internet suite of protocols. More...

Credits 4 (CS 725 and IT 725), 3 (CS 825)
Section 01
Semester Fall 2018
Date/Time MW 2:10 - 3:30 pm, Room Kingsbury S145
Instructor Radim Bartos
Office: Kingsbury N229, rbartos@cs.unh.edu, https://www.cs.unh.edu/~rbartos
Phone: 603-862-3792
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 1-2 pm and by appointment
TA Mostafa Hussein
Office: Kingsbury W236, mah1075@wildcats.unh.edu
Office hours: Tuesday 1-2 pm and Thursday 2-3 pm
Prerequisite CS 520 - Assembly Language Programming and Machine Organization or permission of the instructor
Teaching method Lectures, homework projects, programming assignments, experiments with networks and networking equipment.
Assignments Problems from the textbook and programming projects. Assignments are due at the beginning of a class. There will be 20% per-day penalty for late submissions. Assuming no major schedule disruptions, the assignments will be due on September 19, October 10 and 24, November 14, and December 5, 2018.
Exams Two in-class exams (October 3 and November 7, 2018) and a final (Friday, December 14, 3:30 - 5:30 pm, Kingsbury S145). All exams are open-book, open-notes.
Grading 40% assignments, 30% in-class exams, 30% final exam. Grading scale: 94% and above: A, 90% and above: A-, 87% and above: B+, 84% and above: B, 80% and above: B-, 77% and above: C+, 74% and above: C, 70% and above: C-, etc. Students with a documented disability must register with the UNH Disability Services. More...
Text James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, Seventh Edition, Pearson, 2017, ISBN 0-13-359414-9. The sixth (ISBN 0-132-85620-4), and fifth (ISBN 0-136-07967-9) editions are also permissible. Some of the assignments will include problems from the most recent edition of the textbook. If you use an older edition of the textbook, the problems or wording might be different. For that, a copy of the latest edition will be placed on reserve in the library.
Academic honesty Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all work submitted in this course has to be yours and yours only. You can use resources available on the Internet but must acknowledge them in your submission. You are obviously prohibited from sharing solutions, however, it is permissible to discuss approaches on Piazza. Detected cases of cheating will have very serious consequences. If you have doubts whether a particular form collaboration is permissible, talk to me before you do it or describe and acknowledge it in your submission if it already happened.
Piazza This course will be using Piazza (https://piazza.com/unh/fall2018/cs725825it725/) for class discussion. The system is designed getting you help fast and efficiently from classmates, the TA, and the instructor. Rather than emailing questions to the teaching staff, you are encouraged you to post your questions on Piazza.
Canvas Canvas (https://mycourses.unh.edu/courses/45998) will be used for assignment uploads, grades, and the course calendar.