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OTN and DCN Size

Figure 7: Restoration time v/s OTN and DCN size (Edge probability: DCN = 0.13, OTN = 0.23).
\center \mbox{\psfig{figure=graphs/,width=3.25in,angle=-90}}
In Experiment 1, DCN and OTN were expanded two-fold10at every run. The pure-random model was used for generating edges with edge probabilities 0.2311 and 0.13 for the OTN and DCN respectively. The average restoration time from all primary paths to all secondary paths in each randomly generated OTN was measured for each of the four activation schemes. Figure 7 shows the performance of each of the four activation schemes for different sizes of the OTN and the size of the DCN (scaled down ten-fold) at which the measurement was performed. As seen in the figure, the proposed serial and parallel OBS-based schemes outperform their non-OBS counterparts.

Swapnil Bhatia 2002-08-02