Integrating Differentiated Services with ATM

Student: Sowmya Manjanatha
Faculty: Radim Bartoš


Differentiated Services is a Quality of Service (QoS) approach proposed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for IP based networks. ATM is a networking technology that defines an inherent QoS mechanism. Both IP and ATM are technologies utilized in different layers of the network for instance, ATM in the backbone and IP in the core. At UNH-CNRG, the QoS Integration project focused on identifying and solving issues related to interoperation of IP and ATM QoS. Three integration mechanisms proposed by Ayandeh et al, ATM Forum and Rudiger Geib were studied. In the end, we defined a new IP to ATM mapping algorithm that provided solutions to issues unidentified by the above three schemes. The analysis of the algorithm was made using the Network Simulator from Berkeley. We at CNRG enhanced NS to support the ATM functionality. A patch is made available for several NS versions. A link to the ATM simulator page is provided at the end of this document. The following publications resulted from this project.


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