ATM on Network Simulator (NS)

Sowmya Manjanatha

An Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) feature built at the Computer Networks Research Group (CNRG) of University of New Hampshire (UNH) is available for NS-2. The module provides a capability to create and analyze Permanent Virtual circuits (PVC) and the ATM Adaptation Layer-5 (AAL-5) concepts. Below are the links to the patches of the ATM module for ns-2.1b7 and ns-2.1b9 versions. Check the README (part of the patch) for installation instructions. The atm.doc provides a list of configurable commands for the module.

Configuration guide (unfinished)
Patch for ns-2.1b7
Configuration guide - PostScript format (unfinished)
ATM architecture document
ATM patched ns-2.1b7 (entire directory)
Example script (a .tcl file)
Helper for the Example (a .tcl file)