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University: University of New Hampshire
Faculty Advisor: Radim Bartoš
Department: Computer Science - Computer Network Research Group
Students: Akmal A. Muqeeth, Kalyan C. Saripalli, Naga Ravi Kumar Mahavrathayajula


Title: Routing protocols for underwater networks

The main goal of this project is to further our experiments with flooding-based ad hoc routing protocols for underwater networks, such as those proposed in our paper "Improving Efficiency of a Flooding-based Routing Protocol for Underwater Networks" presented at the Third ACM International Workshop on UnderWater Networks (WUWNet), San Francisco, CA, Sept. 2008 and carrying out more detailed investigation that is not possible with our current simulator.

This project also focuses on the design and implementation of a simulation framework using OPNET Modeler and consists of three related components: support for basic protocol development and evaluation, design of tools for ad hoc routing protocols for underwater networks, and simulation methodologies for larger scale networks.

Current interests of our research group include various forms of access networks and networking underwater. The broader goal is to use OPNET as the tool of choice for our simulation needs and to create some in-house expertise with it so that we can deploy OPNET in future projects as well.


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