This is Michel Charpentier’s website at the University of New Hampshire.

I am an Associate Professor with the Computer Science department. My interests revolve around the area of concurrent and distributed computing. My initial work focused on foundations (formal verification, theorem proving, compositional reasoning) but these days, I’m more interested in practical matters like multi-threaded programming and heterogeneous, disconnected, distributed systems. I teach a course on programming languages (at the junior level) and two courses on concurrency (at the senior and graduate level): one practical (concurrent programming) and the other more theoretical (model checking and formal verification).

I have served in the Faculty Senate, the Academic Affairs Committee, the CS department’s Undergraduate Committee, the College Curriculum and Academic Planning Committee, the University Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee and various hiring search committees. I have also dealt with ABET accreditation. I am still the CS department’s Undergraduate Coordinator for , after which I can hopefully devote more time to improve this website.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of HTML I write, I’m maintaining most of this site in the form of multimarkdown files, from which HTML is generated. The whole process is a bit messy (because of the navigation bar, in particular) and relies on shell scripts for text processing (which shows that I’m a bit old school). So, the site may have more than a few broken links and/or tangled HTML pieces that need to be fixed. If you spot them, please let me know.