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Network Size

In Experiment 3, the random DCN/OTN pairs were generated with both containing the same number of nodes. The network size (i.e., sizes of both the OTN and the DCN) were doubled for every run and the restoration time for all possible paths was measured for each of the four schemes. The pure-random model was used for generating edges with edge probabilities set to 0.4 and 0.18 for the OTN and DCN respectively. Figure 9 shows the results of Experiment 3. It shows the performance of each of the four schemes for varying network size with information about the number of links in the OTN and DCN (scaled down ten-fold) in the OTN/DCN graphs on which measurements were performed. As seen in Figure 9, parallel OBS activation scheme exhibits the best performance as network size increases, followed by plain parallel activation.

Swapnil Bhatia 2002-08-02