Sumanta Kashyapi

PhD Candidate at University of New Hampshire

I am Sumanta Kashyapi, a versatile researcher with a focus on Deep Learning, NLP and Information Retrieval. Exploring various fields of AI through my research endeavors and finding ways to harness them for the benefit of humanity is something I am immensely passionate about.


Clustering Optimization as Blackbox (COB)

This project presents a new technique to directly optimize for RAND index, a discrete clustering metric. To propagate meaningful gradients from discrete loss function based on RAND index, we use Blackbox backpropagation.

Read the paper: Learn The Big Picture: Representation Learning for Clustering

Context-Aware Triamese Similarity (CATS)

CATS similarity metric is designed to calculate pairwise similarity score between embeddings of text passages based on the current query-context.

Passage Similarity metric using Transformer Embeddings (PaSTE)

An ensemble method combining traditional text similarity metrics and state-of-the-art Transformer-based language understanding models, suitable for subtopic clustering of text passages.

TREC 2020 Podcast challenge

A deep neural model combining abstractive and extractive summarization, suitable for generating short summaries from audio transcripts for podcast users.


Programming Languages

Python, Java, C

Tools and Franeworks

Numpy, scikit-learn, Pytorch, Keras, Tensorflow

Work Experience

08/2017 - Present

Teaching Assistant

University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH, USA

05/2020 - 08/2020

Machine Learning Intern

MMS Analytics

Portsmouth, NH, USA

06/2012 - 06/2014

Systems Engineer

Tata Consultancy Services

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


2017 - Present

PhD, Computer Science

University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH, USA

2014 - 2016

Masters, Computer Science

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India

2008 - 2012

Bachelors, Information Technology

Kalyani Government Engineering College

Kalyani, West Bengal, India


15D Floral Avenue
Dover, NH 03820
Phone Number
+1 603 617 6681
University Email