How to Get Involved in AI at UNH

If you are already an undergraduate or graduate student at UNH

It's easy! Just stop by during my office hours, send me email, or come to a meeting of the UNH AI group. You should definitely check out the AI group wiki. It helps if you've already taken an AI course, but it's not necessary. I'm happy to suggest possible research topics. You can get independent study credit for your research, and there is broad support available for undergrads from the UROP office, both term-time and over the summer.

If you are not already an undergraduate or graduate student at UNH, then you should apply!

If you are applying to UNH for graduate school (MS or PhD)

About UNH

UNH is a great place to be a graduate student. With no trace of bias ;), I can say that the faculty is friendly, deeply engaged with students, and committed to world-class research; the cost of living is very low compared to being a grad student in a large city; and the campus is quite beautiful (did you take the tour?). Our department is small enough to ensure individual attention. Most admitted students receive some kind of support.


Please apply to the university (information available here), not to me. Faculty at UNH do not individually admit students. I am happy to work with any admitted student interested in AI once they have arrived at UNH and started taking classes. I do not provide funding for students who have not already taken classes with me. (Note that the department often offers support to strong admitted students.) Please do not email me with general questions about applying to UNH, financial aid, or whether I have open positions in my group. If your application mentions my name and shows an appropriate background and interest in AI research, it is likely that I will see your application. Other advice and tips: Good luck with your application! Once you have been admitted, see the next section of this page.

If you have been admitted to UNH for graduate school (MS or PhD)

Congratulations! If you have general questions about the admissions process, your admissions offer, or funding, please contact the department. If you have specific questions about AI research at UNH or if you are planning a visit to the AI group to check things out, please feel free to contact me. I am usually happy to work with students who are interested in AI, although for maximum productivity, you should consider taking at least one UNH AI class first. I do not fund students until they have a strong track record at UNH, and usually not until after they have taken a class with me.
Wheeler Ruml

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