Reazul Hasan Russel

Hello world!

My name is Reazul Hasan Russel. I am a PhD candidate at the department of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire . I am working under the supervision of Professor Dr. Marek Petrik. I am a member of Reinforcement Learning and Robustness Lab.

I completed my B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering from Southeast University Bangladesh in early 2012. I joined Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh (SRBD) just after my graduation, worked there as a Software Engineer and then Sr. Software Engineer. I contributed on research and development of several flagship samsung products till mid 2015.

I then started my PhD in Computer Science and currently working toward that. I obtained my Masters as a byproduct in Spring 2018.

Research Interest

I am interetsed to apply and deploy Reinforcement Learning algorithms into real world domains. Applying RL to solve real world problems has several challenges, including without limitation: In my reserach, I care about developing reasonable solutions to these challenges. I am interested in model-based batch Reinforcement Learning, in particular computing robust and safe model based solutions for RL problems with fixed & limited dataset. From data, I not only learn models, I also learn confidence levels. These confidence levels reside in very high dimensional space and are usually known as ambiguity sets. These ambiguity sets then drive a robust optiization technique that maximizes a lower bound on the worst-case return. My research involves optimizing ambiguity sets to compute tight and realistic lower bound estimates. I also care about robust exploration techniques in case exploration is feasible in a domain.

Contact Information

Best way to reach me is email: rrussel at

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Geographically, I'm normally distributed around my research lab, pointed by the marker below: