CS880 Topics: Optical Networks

Chapter and section numbers refer to Rajiv Ramaswami and Kumar Sivarijan: Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective, Second edition, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers; ISBN: 1558606556.

Subject Reading
Introduction and basic concepts

Optical network architecture
Sections 1.1-1.4
Basic concepts and terminology
Sections 1-5, 1.7
Historical perspective
Section 1.8, class notes
Enabling technology

Propagation of signals in optical fiber
Chapter 2
Optical components and WDM network elements
Chapters 3 and 7
Modulation and demodulation
Chapter 4
Transmission system engineering
Chapter 5
Static multipoint networks

Shared medium optical networks
Multiplexing and multiple access schemes
Wavelength routed networks

Routing and wavelength assignment
Handouts, chapter 8
Static routing
Handouts, section 8.4
Dynamic routing
Packet and burst switched networks

Photonic packet switching
Chapter 12
Optical burst switching
Section 12.5, handout
Survivability: Protection and Restoration

Basic concepts
Section 10.1
Protection in SONET/SDH
Section 10.2
Protection and restoration in mesh networks
Sections 10.3- 10.6
Current trends

IP over WDM
Control and management (GMPLS)
Chapter 9, handouts, web resources