CS780/880 Special Topics: Programming Networked Handheld Devices

Course Outline

Description: Networked handheld devices, such as smart phones, media players and portable gaming consoles have become ubiquitous in today's world. While they are resource constrained and their user interface capabilities are limited, the devices are typically equipped with new types of sensors and interfaces. These, together with the always-on connectivity and awareness of the geographic location, enable new types of applications for such devices to emerge. The course explores both the challenges in software development as well as the opportunities mobile networked devices offer. The course is project based; in addition to several small programming exercises, the students will be asked to develop in a team an application that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of such devices. This offering of the course will utilize Apple's iPhone/iPod devices as the target platform.
URL: http://blackboard.unh.edu/ Enrolled students only, password required. Limited guest access is available by clicking the Preview button on the login page. The course website is available only when the course is in session.
Credits: 2
Section: JT1
CRN: 30042/30043
Semester: January Term, 2011
Dates/Time: Monday, January 3 - Thursday, January 20, 2011, the course will meet MTWTh 10 am - 12 pm in Kingsbury Hall, Rm. N233.
Instructor: Radim Bartos
Office: Kingsbury N215B, rbartos AT cs.unh.edu, http://www.cs.unh.edu/~rbartos,
Phone: (603) 862-3792, Fax (603) 862-3493.
Office hours (when the course is in session): MTWTh 1-3 pm and by appointment.
Prerequisite: CS 671 Programming Language Concepts and Features or permission of the intsructor.
Teaching method: Lectures, self study, individual programming projects, group project, group project demonstration.
Projects: There will be several small programming assignments at the beginning of the course, typically due the next day to give an opportunity to further explore the subjects covered in the class. A larger project will be assigned at the beginning of the second week of the course.
Exams: There will be no exams in this course.
Grading: Assignments 40%, Wiki contributions 10%, final project 50% (idea, design, and coding: 40%, in-class presentation 10%). Grading scale: 95% and above: A, 90% and above: A-, 87% and above: B+, 83% and above: B, 80% and above: B-, 77% and above: C+, 73% and above: C, 70% and above: C-, .... .
Text: Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche, Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, Apress, Jul 2009, ISBN: 1-4302-2459-2 (book support site). This is an excellent textbook, unfortunately covering only the previous version of iOS. An updated edition for iOS 4 is forthcoming and will be used if available by the start of the course. Stay tuned...