Former Students and Ph.D. Committees

Primary Advisor to Ph.D students at UNH:

Service on UNH Ph.D. committees

I have served on the Ph.D. committees and/or depth exams to 7 UNH Students:

Service on external Ph.D. committees

While being tenure-track faculty at UNH, I have served on Ph.D. committees of the following students at other academic institutions:

Primary Advisor to Masters students at UNH

Primary Advisor to Ph.D Students At Other Institutions

During my previous employment at Mannheim University in Germany, I was awarded a research grant from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Stiftung, which could not be transferred internationally. Hence the grant continued to be managed in my name at the Mannheim University from May 2016 – May 2019. The grant supported the following Ph.D. students, who were primarily advised by me, for whom Prof. Simone Ponzetto agreed to serve as the official adviser.

Advisor to Continuing Education students at UNH

Additionally I am working with students who are enrolled as Continuing Education students in the Computer Science program.

Undergrad Projects and Theses

I am the academic adviser in the Computer Science degree program since 2017, and the Analytics and Data Science degree program since AY 2020/21. While many of my advisees have graduated since, I am currently advising 21 students in CS, and 8 in the ADS program.

I have advised the following undergrads on their capstone experiences:

James Lemieux (Fall 2019):

Senior Thesis on “Optical Sheet Music Recognition (OMR)”. The work is about algorithms to perform OCR-like identification of musical notes in noisy scans of sheet music. Challenges are the identification of staff lines, identification of notes and rests.

Sean Smith (Fall 2020):

Statistics Senior Project on “Survey to Data Efficient Approaches to Formality Transfer”. His emphasis is to rewrite text in a different style, while not modifying the core message of the text.

Ben Gildersleeve, Andrew Porter, Haiyao (Mike) Ni (AY 2019/20):

Senior Project on “Storm Event Detection” in May 2020. The project is about training a logistic regression model for storm event segmentation, including the manual creation of a training benchmark and some rudimentary plotting tools.

Derek Ricardi, Dylan O’Keeffe, Kevin Rhoades (AY 2020/21):

Senior Project on “Storm Event Detection and Analysis”. The project is about segmenting time series data into storm events using machine learning methods such as logistic regression and convolutional neural networks. The ground truth is derived from precipitation data of NOAA. After segmentation these storm events are analyzed for solute transport patterns, such as how solute concentration spikes relate to changes in flow rate.

Connor Lennox (AY 2020/21):

Honors Thesis on “Impromptune: Symbolic Music Generation with Relative Attention Mechanisms”. His focus is on generating a musical piece given prompt (music sample) to follow. Connor explores different Transformer-based neural networks and customizes one component called “relative attention” to the music domain.

Joseph Guidoboni (Spring 2021):

Senior Thesis on “Learning to Retrieve-and-Generate for Article Generation”. His emphasis is on predicting a meaningful order among relevant paragraphs using BERT-based neural networks.