De-Layering Social Networks by Shared Tastes of Friendships

Laura Dietz, Ben Gamari, John Guiver, Edward Snelson, Ralf Herbrich

Proceedings of International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, 2012

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Traditionally, social network analyses are applied to data from a particular social domain. With the advent of online social networks such as Facebook, we observe an aggregate of various social domains resulting in a layered mix of professional contacts, family ties, and different circles. The aggregates dilute the community structure. We provide a method for de-layering social networks according to shared interests. Instead of relying on changes in the edge density, out shared taste model uses content of users to disambiguate the underlying shared interest of each friendship.

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Haskell Implementation

Clone from github: git://

The model implementation is in BayesStack/Models/Topic/SharedTaste.hs

For an example on how to use is, see SharedTasteTest.hs

LibraryThing Experiments

AUC for all user groups and various interpolated models .pdf Experiments

Topic 1 “Student”

summer, whats, help, doing, results, ucd, college, arts, union, question, whos, beer, christmas, week, ball, exam, students, free, beers, student, amp, post, day, forum, boards, thread, science, official, dublin, exams

Overlaid layers: - Topic 6 (red) - Topic 7 (light blue) - Topic 9 (dark blue)

topic001.pdf topic001.gephi

Topic 2 “Games and Movies”

irish, whats, help, please, boardsie, thread, film, movie, question, live, board, ireland, online, lan, star, favourite, spoilers, simpsons, game, world, post, mod, episode, boards, forum, lost, season, server, games, time

Overlaid layers: - Topic 6 (red) - Topic 8 (light blue) - Topic 9 (dark blue)

topic002.pdf topic002.gephi

Topic 3 “Housing, Cars, Bikes”

shop, irish, help, house, limerick, article, insurance, city, driving, question, looking, bike, ireland, online, test, buy, bus, advice, time, free, please, amp, buying, thread, getting, car, dublin, sale, night, road

Overlaid layers: - Topic 6 (red) - Topic 9 (light blue) - Topic 10 (dark blue)

topic003.pdf topic003.gephi

Topic 4 “Rock Music”

set, whats, help, punk, dead, album, looking, currently, question, gig, music, recommend, song, favourite, bands, night, guitar, band, game, listening, amp, post, metallica, tune, name, metal, dublin, rock, playing, songs

Overlaid layers: - Topic 5 (red) - Topic 7 (light blue) - Topic 9 (dark blue)

topic004.pdf topic004.gephi

Topic 5 “XBox, Phones, Computer”

elp, ipod, dublin, pro, hard, cheap, drive, player, computer, amp, quot, question, system, laptop, buy, dvds, advice, nokia, free, wireless, phone, sony, psp, card, dvd, request, sale, xbox, games, car

Overlaid layers: - Topic 2 (red) - Topic 3 (light blue) - Topic 6 (dark blue)

topic005.pdf topic005.gephi

Topic 6 “Social Discussions”

opinions, irish, whats, people, site, community, cant, article, vote, web, death, god, discussion, ireland, issue, public, nice, website, gay, banned, wrong, world, change, abortion, boardsie, war, reputation, suggestion, time, ban

Overlaid layers: - Topic 3 (red) - Topic 9 (light blue) - Topic 10 (dark blue)

topic006.pdf topic006.gephi

Topic 7 “School / CTYI”

irish, love, people, paper, books, reunion, whats, hate, ctyi, god, question, day, read, book, board, song, favourite, game, maths, amp, junior, session, school, forum, spam, cert, tag, english, religion, history

Overlaid layers: - Topic 1 (red) - Topic 8 (light blue) - Topic 9 (dark blue)

topic007.pdf topic007.gephi

Topic 8 “Soccer”

irish, poker, tonight, cup, please, predictions, thursday, sunday, ireland, online, team, final, match, play, liverpool, football, free, game, world, day, boards, tickets, league, soccer, thread, forum, request, boardsie, games, night

Overlaid layers: - Topic 2 (red) - Topic 7 (light blue) - Topic 10 (dark blue)

topic008.pdf topic008.gephi

Topic 9 “Night Life”

whats, help, people, posts, thread, girl, poll, sat, horse, please, favourite, beer, messrs, party, christmas, week, club, word, welcome, game, beers, amp, post, day, bar, boards, forum, maguire, dublin, time

Overlaid layers: - Topic 3 (red) - Topic 6 (light blue) - Topic 7 (dark blue)

topic009.pdf topic009.gephi

Topic 10: “Internet”

rte, irish, bbc, linux, soon, radio, eircom, news, speed, adsl, ads, broadband, sky, dsl, ireland, digital, channel, available, friday, internet, watch, cork, ntl, coming, amp, card, cable, dublin, connection, netsource

Overlaid layers: - Topic 3 (red) - Topic 6 (light blue) - Topic 8 (dark blue)

topic010.pdf topic010.gephi

Layout with open-ord to show communities topic010-openord.pdf topic010-openord.gephi