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’77       Gardner, William

‘79       Gibbs, David

‘79       Taft, Frederick

’77       Vineyard, Jeannie

‘79       Jablonski, Michelle*

’79       Trial, Michelle (Jablonski)*

’78       Arnoldo, Christine

’79G    Johnson, Brian

’79       Walsh, Beth (Swindell)

‘78       Candela, Marie*

’79       Moreton, Henry*

’79       Ward, Geoffrey

‘78       Dillon, Christine

’79       Munroe, Ruth*


’78       McClane, Marie*

’79       Swindell, Beth Walsh




’80       Becker, James*

’84       Brunelle, Alan

’86       Luby, Karen

’80       Durso, Bob

’84       Coleman, Betsy*

’86       Moody, Holly Clark*

’80       Getchell, Wayne

’84       Cottrell, Merchon*

’86       Pfisterer, Adrian

’80       Kolovson, Curtis

’84       Ross, Scott

‘86G    Pourghasemi, Narges

’80       McClung, John

‘84G    Mitchell, David

’87       Gervais, Celena

’80       Morrison, Wayne*

’84       Shanley, Betsy (Coleman)*

’87       Hayes, Donald*

’80       Strybos, Marcy Morrison

‘85G    Arcidiacono, Thomas*

’87       Schaefer, Sheri*

’81       Baker, Richard*

’85       Belon, Jill (Leavitt)*

’87       Vinsel, Elizabeth

’81       Hemmert, Mike

‘85       Leavitt, Jill*

’88G    Millett, Charles

’82       Eva, Dale

’85       Rauhala, Ken*

’88G    Baryiames, Ko*

’82       Lauritzen, Mogens

’85       Mudambi, Shyam*

‘88G    Chopde, Avinash*

’82       Trasatti, Philip*

‘85G    Munroe, Ruth*

‘88G    Gousie, Michael

‘83       Chesley, Ron*

’86       Baryiames, Ko*

‘89G    Cottrell, Merchon*

’83       Dow, Ray*

’86       Bugbee, Scott*

‘89G    Desmarais, Gina*

’83       Downer, Raymond J (RJ)*

’86       DesRochers, Michael

‘89G    Keeney, David

‘83G    Moreton, Henry*

‘86       Eckerson, Nancy

‘89G    Malyankar, Raphael

‘83G    Sindelar, Iris

‘86       Grikas, Nancy

‘89G    Ross, Gina*

’83       Stone, Daniel*

’86       Healey, Karen

’89       Rousseau, Curt

‘83G    Zampini, Robert*

’86       Lebel, Jolene*




’90       Ames, Chad

‘93       Clark, Kevin*

’97G    Smith, Craig*

’90       Arsenault, Mike*

’93       Feren, Andrew*

‘97G    Srikanthan, Raj

’90       Behari, Atul

‘93G    Kulkarni, Ram

‘97G    Srinivas, Krithika

‘90G    Costa, William*

’93       Matthias, Collette*

‘97       Wilson, Richard*

’90       Jeffrey, Mark

’93       Powers, Collette*

’97G    Wong, Pak Chung

’90       Lapadula, Anthony*

’93       Smith, Craig*

’98G    Ahiska, Oktay*

‘90G    Radermacher, Klaus*

’94       Hartford, Lance*

’98       Fiero, Robert

’90       Soczewinski, Richard*

’95       Hazel, Thomas*

‘98G    Lipsa, Dan

’91G    Joy, Joseph*

‘95       Plumlee, Matthew*

’98       Malla, Devesh*

’91G    Lapadula, Anthony*

’95G    Powers, Collette*

‘98G    McGuigan, Keith*

‘91       Miner, Jonathan

’96       Playdon, Paul*

’98       Montgomery, Gregory*

‘91G    Yost, Israel*

‘96G    McEachern, Joseph*

‘98G    Pavel, Dana

’92       Andruszkiewicz, Pamela*

‘97G    Crabb, Andrew*

’99       Dance, Rupert

’92       Burns, William*

‘97       Czapczynski, Mark*

‘99G    MacBeth, Mark*

’92       Desroches, Roger

‘97G    Kao, David T.

‘99G    Valcourt, Scott*


’97G    Matthias, Collette*

‘99G    Wilson, Richard*


’97       MacBeth, Mark*




‘00G    Bhat, Vidhya

‘04       Bancroft, Charles*

‘07       Barry, Brandon*

‘00G    Laramee, Robert

’04G    Ellis, Lorna

‘07G    Filoti, Octavian*

’00       Leser, John*

‘04G    McGuigan, Keith*

‘07G    Lapadula, Anthony*

’01       Johnson, Erica

‘04G    Plumlee, Matthew*

‘07G    Mitchell, Peter*

‘01G    Gandhi, Arun*

’04       Stelmach, Joseph

’07       Morris, Tom

’01       Starr, Neal*

’04       Stern, Justin*

’07       Swan, James*

‘02G    Gildersleeve, Michael*

‘04G    Sullivan, Briana

‘07G    Tatashin, Pavel*

‘02G    Mitchell, Denise*

‘04G    Tang, Xuan*

‘07G    Vohr, Samuel

‘03       Briere, Doug

‘05G    Clark, Kevin*

’08       Corcoran, Andrew

‘03G    Fuchs, Daniel*

’05       Tatashin, Pavel*

’08       Faller, Lina

’03       Locke, Brian*

’05       Winters, Timothy*

‘08       Corcoran, Andrew*

’03G    Sabin, Mihaela*

’06       Benedetto, David*

’08       Larsen, Bradford*


‘06       Carlin, Timothy*

’08       Mikula, Eric


’06       Fekete, Andras*

’09       Bond, David*


’06       Greenlaw, Jason

‘09G    Fekete, Andras*


‘06G    Gorla, Venkata

‘09G    Robinson, Matthew


‘06       Prendergast, Joseph*




’10G    Larsen, Bradford*

’13G    Brown, Jonathan*

‘16G    Rossi, Thomas*

’12       Callan, Eric

’13       Dupuis, Derek*

’16       Skrabal, Matthew*

’12G    Carlin, Timothy*

’13       Nappi, Jonathan*


’12       Goulding, Ryan

‘13G    Shea, Daniel


’12G    Hagen, Mikkel

’13       Shidlovsky, Scott*


’12       Kelly, Steve*

‘15       Alhamadani, Abdulaziz*


’12G    Prendergast, Joseph*

’15       Baughman, Christopher*


’12       Rideout, William*

‘15G    Benedetto, David*


’12G    Sexton, Christopher

’15       Renke, Maxwell*


‘12G    Sherman, Matthew*



‘12G    Villa, Adam*





Ordered by last name

* means the person has registered to attend the 35th celebration

Ahiska, Oktay*                     MS ‘98

After UNH, Oktay moved to New York City and started as a technical director at R/Greenberg Associates, and worked on 3D animation projects for advertising,  developing custom software, and applying procedural and physically based techniques to the generation of visual effects and surface appearances. In 1999 he joined Improv Technologies where he worked with Ken Perlin and Athomas Goldberg on an animation layering application based on their research in the field.  From 2000 to 2003, he worked as a materials artist at Blue Sky Studios on the production of the feature films "Ice Age" and "Robots."  In 2003, Oktay co-founded Okie Ikm, LLC with Irene Kim, whom he later married.  The company specializes in computer animation and visual effects He has contributed as a freelancer to various commercials and tv shows, as well as more specialized projects such as “Search For Life: Are we Alone?” ( and “Cos.mic Collisions” ( at the Hayden Planeterium at the American Museum of Natural History, and a custom touch-based system by TacTable ( As a side project, Oktay has developed a gpu-oriented compositing/visual effects application for in-house projects.  A very old demo reel for Oktay and Irene can be found at  -- they have been too busy to update it recently but they are working on it!

Ames, Chad                           BSCS ’94

UNH CS from '90-'96.

Married in '97, living in Auburn, NH since '99 where we are raising two daughters.

20 years of professional software development in NH in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction space. Joined Newforma shortly after it was founded in 2004 and have been VP Engineering since 2011.

#1 hobby is watching and helping my daughters develop into wonderful young women and fantastic basketball players.

As a former football player at UNH, I am really looking forward to catching a football game in the new stadium this fall! Go Cats!

Andruszkiewicz, Pamela*   BSCS ‘92

graduation_year = 1992;
do for(work in { startups, cabletron, self, higher_ed })
    doFullStack( LINUX | OSX | RTOS, amazing_colleagues );

          pick( {garden, travel, sew, hike, ...} );

     life = accept( partner, (addr *)&plymouth_nh );

for( child = 0; child < 2; ++child )
     grow_fast[child] = fork();

Arcidiacono, Thomas*         MS ‘85

Arnoldo, Christine (Dillon)            BSCS ‘78

Christine (Dillon) Arnoldo graduated from UNH with a BS in Computer Science in December 1978, Class of 1979.  

Her Computer Science background made her an ideal candidate for programmer positions that eventually led her to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine.  There her depth of knowledge in software design principles as well as a strong foundation in computation theory enabled her to quickly learn and apply new technologies.  She was recognized for this and became a go to person for assessing and evaluating software tools and practices. 

Chris also became a recognized mentor and team leader who not only developed her team's skills but regularly offered training and guidance for other teams.

With technical proficiency she designed complex reliable software systems that were responsible for processing a high volume of transactions and running a core part of Blue Cross's business.  Her skills in design, mentoring, and people management were called upon to be applied to other business areas as well.  She transformed failing applications to stable and supportable ones, all while building the skills of new developers. 

Now Chris focuses her attention on developing two young men.  She lives in Falmouth Maine with her husband Tom and their twin sons, Matthew and Andrew, who are freshmen at Falmouth High School. 

Arsenault, Michael*            BSCS ‘90

Software engineering for 25 years with a variety of companies. Volunteer coach for the UNH Men's Ultimate Club. President of Seacoast Ultimate, a not-for-profit organization promoting ultimate in the area.

Baker, Richard*                    BSCS ‘81

Richard Baker is a senior Intellectual Property licensing executive with over 15 year’s experience negotiating deals and settling patent disputes within a corporate environment. He has extensive knowledge of the corporate dynamics of licensing negotiations and is an accomplished public speaker with the ability to clearly articulate facts and opinions. Mr Baker is a Certified Licensing Professional and currently serves as trustee of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) USA and Canada. Mr Baker is a named inventor on 20 US patents.

Mr Baker currently works as the president of New England Intellectual Property (NEIP), a Massachusetts-based IP firm specializing in patent brokerage, licensing, patent prosecution (including inter partes reviews), consulting and expert witness services. He also serves as President of Twin Harbor Labs, an invention factory that converts ideas into the seeds for startups.  He is working with Founders Wanted as their Vice President of Acquisitions.

Before NEIP, he spent five years at 3Com Corporation as the director of IP licensing. In 2009 the LES awarded Mr Baker’s licensing department the prestigious Licensing Achievement Award for profitable IP activities during the 2009 fiscal year. The major accomplishment in the 2009 fiscal year was the licensing and sale of patented Ethernet networking technology across several deals amounting to over $87 million in revenue. Before joining 3Com, Mr Baker was the director of intellectual property at Schneider Automation. At Schneider Automation he founded the company?s IP program, including the creation of IP strategies, the organization of a portfolio of patents and the authorship of a number of patents.

Mr Baker’s graduate studies include intellectual property at Franklin Pierce Law Centre and computer science at Harvard University. He holds a BSc in computer science and English (dual major) from the University of New Hampshire, where he also minored in electrical engineering.

Mr Baker is an accomplished public speaker and holds the title of distinguished toastmaster from Toastmasters International. He is the Chairman of the West Newbury (MA) Board of Assessors and has served as a member on the Pentucket Regional School Committee. Mr Baker was the nominee from a major political party for the US House of Representatives in 2008 and is currently a candidate running for the Massachusetts Governor’s Council.

Bancroft, Charles*               BSCS ‘04

Barry, Brandon*                   BSCS ‘07

Baryiames, Ko*                    BSCS ’86, MS ‘88

Currently SVP Technology Priceline Group (

Amateur Beekeeper, Boy Scout Leader, married Beth Panagos UNH '88.

Baughman, Christopher*    BSCS ‘15

Started in 1992, still a UNH CS student.

Becker, James*                     BSCS ‘80

UNH appealed to me in the Spring of 1976 because they had the largest installation of DEC equipment I was aware of on the East Coast. Well at least the East Coast where skiing was also an added attraction…. At that time UNH did not have a Computer Science degree program, so my original major was Mathematics boring as it might possibly be compared to making computers come alive and follow my instruction. Approximately mid-year when a Sophomore the BSCS program was officially birthed and that became my directive. Also for work I commenced working as a “Student Consultant”, running the PDP based nodes around campus. Eventually by Senior year my role evolved to slave, er.. Teacher's Assistant, for Dan Bergeron. During this time many hours were spent looking at code written by UNH trained students, debugging and helping them. The T/A role involved grading students based on their structure, content, comments (-20%!) and ability to build usable well engineered code.

The reason for this lead in is simple. In my career following UNH exposure to hundreds of computer programmers occurred, where we would share code or have to work with others code. Innumerable times in the commercial world I would think back on *all* the students who had been trained by Professors Bergeron and Russell, and wish any of them could have been co-workers rather than many who actually I crossed paths with in my various professional jobs. The clarity of thinking instilled by our professors, and the diligence to impose excellent hygiene on students coding efforts, was only apparent retrospectively once in the Real World.

For me the Real World took me West, as my Senior year during February a company actually flew me to LA to interview. Pretty much when the plane landed in Sunny So Cal I said to myself “I’m taking the job” after being in New England for my entire life. This led to Silicon Valley a few years later, many startups, some big companies, eventually moving to the Pacific Northwest. Continued change, learning and growing as was taught at University. Evolution as the industry morphed and grew, with recognition when one area was going end of life and new opportunities abounded.

Thirty six years later I have worked for many different companies, seen amazing technology and progress, and have a Smartphone which is probably ten times more powerful than the DEC systems that brought me to UNH originally. The entire time I stayed technical and kept current with new technologies, but finally got worn out and have just done work for myself this past decade+ rather than please others. The skills instilled at the outset had me always be tidy and organized in structure for tasks, and it has been instrumental in the many applications I have written which run into hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

I have always thought fondly of my time at UNH and the focus the professors had in turning out a great product of excellent engineers into the World. Hopefully many others have had the same experience with UNH being the launchpad to successful careers and creation of new technologies leading us into a brighter future.

This past month I have returned to New England for the indeterminate future and am settling in with my wife Joyce in Rhode Island. Would love to reconnect with old classmates if any are still around. Cheers.

Behari, Atul                          ‘90G

I can't attend in person, but would like to continue to be in touch with celebrations and events.

Belon, Jill                              BSCS ‘85

See Jill Leavitt*.

Benedetto, David*                BSCS ’06, MS ‘15

BS CS, 2006, Magna Cum Laude, MS CS, 2015

David has taught secondary math and computer science, most recently at Pinkerton Academy in Derry. 

David currently works with the NH Department of Education as the STEM Director.  His main objective is expanding computer science in K-12 education.

David can be reached at

Bhat, Vidhya                         MS ‘00

Currently: Principal Software Developer at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Past: Various software development jobs (Lamprey) and one year teaching job at SST (Exeter High school).

Bond, David*                         BSCS ‘09

Currently working as a principal software engineer in routing at 128 Technology, a Boston area startup.

Briere, Doug                         BSCS ‘03

I’m a Principal Software Engineer at CA Technologies.  I started my career at Aprisma Technologies as a co-op, while I was still a Junior at UNH (2002).  Then going full time in 2003 on graduation. Aprisma was one of the 4 spin off companies of Cabletron Systems, later acquired by Gores -> Concord, then finally CA Technologies in 2005. While at Aprisma and most of my time at CA, I focused primarily on the new Java interface for our network management application. In recent years I have worked on other related products including network performance management (2013) and application performance management (2015).  The latter product I relocated to our San Jose California office, which involves less Java and primarily JavaScript.  Expertise areas have been resolving Java memory leaks, concurrency and software design.  Early in my career I recognized proper software design was a weakness. So part time I earned a masters in Software Engineering in 2010-2013.

Brown, Jonathan*                MS ‘13

Worked as an intern at Dell before my last year at UNH. Received my MS at UNH then went to work full time at Dell for 3 years. I am currently at Arista Networks.

Brunelle, Alan                      BSCS ‘84

B.Sc. Comp. Sci. UNH 1984, M.Sc. Comp. Sci. UMass Lowell 1989. A Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle (Nashua, New Hampshire). I hold two patents and currently work on a (proprietary) Linux volume manager device driver for Oracle's Cluster Database offerings. Married for 33 years, 5 children, currently living in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

I've spent my years mostly working in operating system areas and have enjoyed every minute of it. Well, most every minute - those spent designing and coding, I could do without the meetings and non-technical aspects of our profession... ;-) Previously, I had worked at DEC/Compaq/HP in their Tru64 Cluster group and then Linux - I actually have some code in the Linux block IO driver and did a lot of work on blktrace/blkparse/btt when it first came on the scene 10 (gulp) years ago.

Bugbee, Scott*                      BSCS ‘86

Burns, William*                   BSCS ‘92

Bill Burns is a senior director of product development for Rogue Wave Software.  For the past 15 years he has been developing with, and leading, a team of passionate engineers to provide a highly scalable software debugger that runs on some of the worlds largest supercomputers.  Bill holds a B.S. in Computer Science (1992) from the University of New Hampshire and a M.S. in Computer Science (1995) from Boston University.  In his free time, Bill enjoys raising his two teenage daughters with his wife, Sue, who he met while they both were at UNH.  On the side, Bill also runs a small web consulting company where he enjoys helping local businesses build a web presence and grow.

Callan, Eric                           BSIT ‘12

After graduating from the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology in 2013 Eric went on to work for Liberty Mutual, specializing in legacy java systems. 

After a time with Liberty Mutual, Eric moved down to Massachusetts to work for the Innovation and Technology team of the advertising firm, Hill Holliday. While there he touched just about every kind of technology you could fathom. From setting up backend custom CMS solutions to iOS application development, it was a great opportunity to continue learning and have fun doing it. While there he worked with such clients as Dunkin Donuts, Liberty Mutual, Harvard Pilgrim and Bank of America. The highlight his time was a beer refrigerator that was unlocked via iBeacon technology and a completion of your time sheets.

Now Eric is with SapientNitro working as a Senior Interactive Developer in Boston's Back Bay. While only there for a few months Eric has quickly come up to speed working with both front end and back end code bases on such clients as Petco, Marriott and Traveler's Insurance.

Candela, Marie (McLane)* BSCS ‘78

 I have worked in various industries producing software products for applications and end users: enterprise systems, telecommunications, software development tools, and defense.  Along the way I acquired an MBA and PMP certification.  I am currently a development manager, and have also had project manager and program manager roles.

Carlin, Timothy*                 BSCS ’06, MS ‘12

Timothy Carlin oversees multiple aspects of the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) in his role as senior manager, including the development and management of the UNH-IOL’s homegrown test tool, IOL INTACT.

Timothy is the UNH-IOL’s IP Security (IPsec) expert. He specializes in software development, IPv6 Protocol Testing, and Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) Protocol Testing. In addition, Timothy is well versed in the requirements of both the IPv6 Ready Logo Program and NIST USGv6 Certification Program. Additional areas of expertise include: IP, OSPF, BGP, DHCPv6 and Customer Edge Routing for IPv6.

While pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire, Timothy worked as an undergraduate student engineer at the UNH-IOL. Following his graduation in 2006, he worked as a software engineer in the defense industry. In 2008, Timothy returned to the UNH-IOL as a full-time staff member.

In 2012, Timothy obtained his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire. He focused on high speed data transfer using RDMA in his thesis, titled: Implementation of an RDMA Verbs Driver for GridFTP. The driver allows GridFTP to take advantage of high-speed RDMA connections over InfiniBand, RoCE, or iWARP for performing long distance transfers of large files.

Timothy’s current projects include Internet of Things,  SIP Trunking, and IOL INTACT development.

Chesley, Ron*                       BSCS ‘83

Ron resides in Vero Beach, Florida with two children ages 14 and 12.

Mr. Chesley was raised in Florida and New Hampshire, graduating from high school in Plymouth, NH in 1979. Ron attended the University of New Hampshire graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1983 with a BS in Computer Science.

Ron's career has been entirely in the computer software industry having been involved with start-up companies since graduating from college.

From 1983 to 1990 Ron worked as Director of Engineering at Logicraft in Nashua, NH working on technologies that were a precursor to today's "virtual computing". Mr. Chesley helped to grow that company to over 100 employees before the business was sold. While at Logicraft, Ron was the architect of a new software category called "remote control" and developed one of the first remote control software programs called Carbon Copy. This highly successful computer program was spun-off into its own company and later purchased by Microcom.

In 1990, Ron moved to Vero Beach to co-found a software company called Ocean Isle Software.  As VP of Engineering, Ron was the technical architect of a remote control program for Windows called Reachout. This successful software program helped to grow the business to over 80 employees in 1995 at which time the company was sold to Stac Electronics.

In 1999, Mr. Chesley co-founded SpectorSoft in Vero Beach. The company started with the idea to create software programs that allowed parents to keep a better eye on their children's use of the computer when using the Internet. Ron has taken on multiple roles at SpectorSoft including Co-President, VP Engineering, VP Business Development, and CFO.  SpectorSoft has grew to over 100 employees, has been named multiple times on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing private companies, and is proud to have over 1,000,000 customers ranging from parents to Fortune 100 businesses.

In 2008, Ron sold the business to a group of investors and remained with the company as VP Engineering and COO until 2011.

Ron has been semi-retired since 2012, enjoying his time raising kids and pursuing other hobbies.

Ron remains on the Board of Directors of Veriato (formerly SpectorSoft) and is also on the Board of Directors of St. Edward’s School, which his children attend.

Chopde, Avinash*                 MS ‘88

After a great time in the Computer Science department at UNH and in the state of New Hampshire, I started work in the Boston area and been here for nearly 30 years now.

Working in software is just an amazingly enjoyable experience, and I'm so happy to continue to work in this field. Right now, I even get to code in Lisp; who would have thought it would still be used in the industry today?!

Here are the companies I've worked at:

Contex - still images - line art, continuous tone.

Avid - moving images - Media Composer film/video editor.

SeaChange - delivering moving images - Video-On-Demand for cable companies.

ITA Software - Airfare price search.

Google - Airfare price search, continued.

Clark, Kevin*                       BSCS ’93, MS ‘05

I attended UNH from 1988-1993, graduating with a double major in computer science and philosophy.  My studies at UNH were intense and invigorating, and I feel fortunate to have been able to study so many interesting topics.  After I graduated, I built a career in the computer networking field, first working at Cabletron Systems, and then for several networking-related startups after this.  It seems to me that my studies at UNH encouraged me to roll up my sleeves and do a lot of coding, and this seems to have served me well over the years. In 2005, after...too many....years of attending UNH graduate school part-time, I was able to finish my masters degree in computer science.

I've been a practicing software engineer for over 20 years now. During this time, I've worked on everything from 16-bit embedded systems up to medium-sized distributed systems.  For the most part, I've worked on things related to networking, security, systems design, performance, quality, and general feature design.  I still enjoy the process of taking an idea scrawled onto a whiteboard, being part of a team that implements this idea in code, getting this software to end-users, and knowing that the job was done correctly.

I still live in the seacoast area of NH.  Actually, I drive intoDurham nearly every Saturday morning during the spring/summer/fall, where I help organize a weekly ~50 mile bike ride with an interesting bunch of people.  Campus has changed alot since my undergraduate days!

At the current time, I'm employed at Dyn in Manchester as a softwareengineer.  My day-to-day work involves back-end web infrastructure and security.  There is never a dull moment in this industry!

Coleman, Betsy (Shanley)*            BSCS ‘84

Development =>Architecture =>Consulting =>Development/Architecture =>Lecturer

Corcoran, Andrew*              BSCS ‘08

I'm an engineering manager at a company in Boston, and UNH brought me to the beginning of where I am today.

Costa, William*                    MS ‘90

In 1978 I decided to pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science, so I started taking 400-level programming courses, and talking to Professor Bergeron about getting into the Master's program.  After taking Pascal, Fortran, Assembler, Cobol, and the Data Structure classes, I got a programming job with the UNH Computer Services department in 1980.  Working part time on my course work, I completed my Masters in CS in 1990.  I still work at UNH as a developer; this is my 36th year as a UNH IT employee.

Cottrell, Merchon*              BSCS ‘84

Working at BAE systems in Nashua NH. Specializing in embeded real-time software development.

Crabb, Andrew*                    MS ‘97

Czapczynski, Marc*             BSCS ‘97

Dance, Rupert                       BSCS ‘99

I am still alive and well. I enjoyed my years at UNH and my education has been essential to my successful career.

Desmarais, Gina*                 MS ‘89G


DesRochers, Michael           BSCS ‘86

Michael is a technology entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold a technology business, failed at a start-up, and is currently building and running his latest enterprise software business.

Desroches, Roger                  BSCS ‘92

20 years in the telecom industry provided expertise in management applications.  Started Centered Logic, LLC which was recently sold to ENEA.

Dillon, Christine                  BSCS ‘78

See Christine Arnoldo.

Dow, Ray*                              BSCS ‘83

During and after UNH, I worked for Sanders Associates in Nashua for 9 Years. I left to seek fame and fortune at some startups and found neither. Next I worked for 5 years at a small software company, Imaging Automation, in Merrimack NH, followed by a 4 year contracting stint at Digital/Compaq/HP in Nashua NH, followed by 5 years at another startup up, SC Fluids, in Nashua NH. I returned to BAE Systems and have been here for the last 10 years. My wife Cindy and I live with our daughter Andrea, in Amherst NH.

Downer, Raymond J (RJ)*   BSCS ‘83

Currently a software engineering manager at MorphoTrust USA in Billerica MA, with 25 years on the books.  Living in Bedford NH, with my wife Sue. Have 2 grown children, both recent graduates of UNH.

Dupuis, Derek*                    BSCS ‘13

Durso, Bob                             BSCS ‘80

Bob Durso - Class of 1980. Married with two children, Evan (19) and Sarah (22). I started my career in 1980 as a Cobol/PL1 programmer at AT&T Long Lines. Also worked as the Payroll Controller in the White Plains Data Center for AT&T Long Lines and AT&T Communications. Moved onto to Hardware sales for AT&T in 1988, as a Systems Consultant, selling and supporting 3B2 computers. Moved onto Data General, as a Systems Engineer, selling and Supporting AViiON servers (running DG/UX) and CLARiiON storage in 1992. In late 1994, I joined Sun Microsystems and sold/supported servers based on SPARC architecture and Solaris Operating System for almost 15 years. In 2009, I worked as a Solutions Architect for a value added reseller, Forsythe, selling Sun Hardware.  My current position is a Systems Architect with IBM, a position I have had since 2011. I plan to retire at the end of 2016 or nearly thereafter.

Eckerson, Nancy (Grikas)   BSCS ‘68

Nancy (Grikas) Eckerson graduated from UNH in 1986 with a B.S. in Computer Science.  She worked for 17 years in the software industry before changing careers. She now works as a freelance writer. She is married and has a step-daughter and son and has settled in Durham a few miles from campus.

In her software career she worked at Data General, Liberty Mutual and Lotus/IBM as a software engineer and project manager. She graduated with an M.B.A. from SNHU in 1992 while working full-time. Development projects ranged from firmware and middleware to application and user interface design. Project management included small to large multi-year projects involving staff members based locally and in Beijing. She presented at and helped to organize large software conferences and an international trade show.

After spending too many years cubicle-based, she took up running which eventually led to writing opportunities. She now writes a weekly running column in Seacoast Sunday and reports on road races and other health and fitness topics. She enjoys the outdoors and whenever possible can be found running, hiking and skiing. She has traveled extensively for her career and with her family.

She does not regret leaving the software industry but believes if there were more part-time positions available in technical fields she would likely have a different story to tell.

Congratulations to UNH C.S. on your 35th anniversary! I won't be able to attend the festivities but wish everyone well -- I did tour Kingsbury a few years ago and (not surprisingly) hardly recognize the place where I spent so many hours. I have great memories of the small C.S. classes and the time spent with others in the computer lab working on assignments, commiserating over bugs and celebrating the victories of working programs.

Ellis, Lorna                            MS ‘04

I'm very sorry to miss the reunion, but I wanted to thank you, Dr. Bergeron, and all the other faculty I met and worked with while I was in the CS program. I found my experience getting a Master's with you to be the best and most supportive of all my academic experiences (BA, MA, PhD in other fields). And I am still *thoroughly* enjoying working as a computer scientist in the Space Science Center at UNH. Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful reunion!

Eva, Dale                                BSCS ‘80

Thanks for the info on the Anniversary/celebration. Man it's been a long time. I thought the department was already in place when we started our CS degrees in 78, but I guess it wasn't formally there yet.

To help jog your memory, I helped you prepare some slides and stuff for the SIGGRAPH 82 conference and was going to go there and help you present them, but got called up to the Air Force earlier than expected.

Faller, Lina                           BSCS ‘08

PhD in Bioinformatics at Boston University (2008-2014)

Bioinformatics Analyst at the New York Genome Center, New York, NY (2014-2015)

Bioinformatics Analyst at The Forsyth Institute, Cambridge, MA (2015-present)

Fekete, Andras*                    BSCS ’06

I started taking classes at UNH back in High School when I took German after school in my senior year. I got my computer science degree in 3 years after that. After gaining industry experience at Orion Design Technologies, I came back for a Masters in electrical engineering. Going back to Orion Design (which turned into L&L Engineering) I worked there until it was acquired by Maxim Integrated. Couple years after the acquisition, I started taking night classes and eventually leaving my job to become a full time PhD student in computer science.

Feren, Andrew*                    BSCS ‘93

Fiero, Robert                         BSCS ‘98

I live in Nashua, NH and work at Oracle as a Consulting Member of the Technical Staff.  I graduated CS from UNH in Dec of 1998, and since then have worked in both NH and MA in several large companies and startups.

Filoti, Octavian*                   MS ‘07

Fuchs, Daniel*                      MS ‘03

Gandhi, Arun*                      MS ‘01

Gardner, William                 BSCS ‘77

Semi-retired senior executive. Worked at Panasonic, Capcom, EIDOS as Vice-President, later President and CEO. Still involved in Computer Science-based activities and products in Silicon Valley, California.

Gervais, Celena                    BSCS ‘87

After graduation with my CS degree, I worked for several large companies (Digital Equipment, Central Maine Power, and LLBean) designing and implementing computer systems.

I now live in Yarmouth, ME with my husband and children. I work for Cascon, Inc, a family owned engineering firm, where I handle the accounting, HR, and computer needs.

Getchell, Wayne                   BSCS ‘80

MS CS, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 1988

35+ years in Telecommunications Industry doing embedded systems application software with BellCo, AT&T, BellLabs, Alcatel-Lucent.

Currently a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff (DMTS) for Infinite Computer Solutions.

Married 34 years. Three children (two alumni of UNH). One grandchild (so far!)

Gibbs, David                          BSCS ‘79

When I was at UNH, we didn’t have a standalone CS Department and some us were first in line to sign up for the initial BSCS and yes we were still tied into the Mathematics Department but most of us CS grads came out of Kingsbury Hall with a mixed bag of transfers from Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Physics. 

I have fond memories of the first Semester that Dr. Bergeron joined us at UNH. On the other hand I can still remember my first CS course with Dr. Kuo (September 1976) where he beat into us that Programming was just like developing a recipe for Tomato Soup (it either comes out really good or it is awful). The analogy is much better when you have a thick Chinese accent. I hope you all have a great celebration.

Gildersleeve, Michael          MS ‘02

Grikas, Nancy                       BSCS ‘86

See Nancy Eckerson

Gorla, Venkata                     MS ‘06

Former employee of Bloomberg (NYC) and Microsoft (Redmond, WA).

Current: Principal Software Engineer at Symantec, Pune, India.

For family reasons I have moved back to India and currently working for Symantec, Pune. As such, I will not be able to attend this event in person. I however wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all the other members of the CS department (Professors Bartos, Jim Weiner, Ted Sparr, Phil Hatcher and Bob Russell in particular) for helping shape my career.

My time in UNH was undoubtedly the best two years of my life. I always look back with pride on how much I was able to learn and grow while there.

Goulding, Ryan                     BSCS ‘12

I have worked for a few different companies since UNH, moving around mostly in an attempt to maximize my pay.  Altogether my focus has been in the telecom market, and surrounds interfacing and virtualizing the control plane.  I have now settled down and am leading Brocade Communications Systems investment in Software Defined Networking through upstream open source contribution.  In other words, I code a LOT, which is my calling :).

Gousie, Michael                   MS ‘88

After attending UNH and receiving a Master's, I taught computer science at Providence College as an Adjunct Instructor for four years.  This experience showed me that I wanted to become a "real professor."  I went back to grad school - this time to RPI in Troy, NY, where I finished my PhD in 1998.  I came to Wheaton College (MA) in the fall of that year, and that's where I've been ever since.  I am now a full professor in the Department of Math and Computer Science. My research areas are in GIS, working on Digital Elevation Model (DEM) problems involving computational geometry, and Information Visualization.

Greenlaw, Jason                   BSCS ‘06

Software Engineer focused primarily on GIS and Web technologies

Hagen, Mikkel                      PhD ‘12

After graduating with my PhD in Computer Science from UNH, I moved to Austin, TX and started working at Netapp in May of 2013.  I was quickly promoted to the lead QA engineer and served as that for about 2.5 years building their test automation framework for a data migration appliance. I then briefly moved to an Austin startup called Evariant and was the lead QA engineer, building out the initial test automation framework for their Hadoop-based medical analytics platform.  After Evariant, I moved to VMware where I am currently the lead quality engineer on a new project to deploy docker containers in VMware's vSphere environment.

Hartford, Lance*                   BSCS ‘94

I graduated BSCS in '94 and also worked in the RCC and IOL for those 4 years.  My focus areas were systems, graphics and networking.  There were many memorable times in the CS dept. and IOL.  One was I had opportunity to visit Santa Clara, CA to work with industry veterans in setting up the InteropNET for the huge Interop trade show.  A fun memory from my senior year was giving a presentation on the OSPF routing protocol to my CS class, and while I was speaking, watching my professor fall asleep in his chair - which he probably observed me doing many times before (payback - haha). 

After graduation, I worked for Silicon Graphics in CA for a few years, met my wife Grace, then moved back to NH where we settled and had a family (now with 7 children).  Also did a part-time MS in CS.  Earlier in my career I had a hard time "finding my way" but eventually found I enjoyed working in small or startup companies where I could wear a variety of hats.  I'm currently at a fantastic database startup, NuoDB, in Cambridge, MA, where I lead performance benchmarks and stress testing projects.

Hayes, Donald*                     BSCS ‘87

Living in Windham, NH and working at a small company in Andover, MA.

Hazel, Thomas*                    BSCS ‘95

An avid inventor and serial entrepreneur. Over the last 20 years, he has been at the forefront of communication, virtualization, and database science and technology. Prior to founding Deep Information Sciences & CTO, he was Chief Architect at startups Akiban and Virtual Iron. Thomas is also the author of several popular open source projects, one of which is a database he sold to Oracle. Thomas has patented many inventions in the areas of distributed processes, virtualization and database science.

Healey, Karen (Luby)          BSCS ‘86

I'm still in computers, although I had a 12 year break from the industry due to the job market, family, etc.  I've been back in for over two years now and loving it.  When I chose computer science in 1982 I had no idea what I was getting into, but it turns out I made the right choice.  Thanks for contributing to my education at that time and helping me build a strong base!

My linked in profile is pretty much a copy of my resume so it summarizes what I've done since UNH:

Hemmert, Mike                    BSCS ‘81

After UNH, joined Peace Corps in Ghana as a teacher for 2 years.  Moved to Silicon Valley and have been at several startups in the Enterprise Software space.  Also started a company in Japan where my wife and I lived for 5 years.  Presently a co-counder at SOASTA, a leader in Digital Performance Management software. In my free time I play ice hockey and enough other stuff to keep life interesting.  I have two grown children.  Despite what I was promised, I do not have a flying car but my Dick Tracy watch is pretty cool.

Those first years we had the Dec-10 running TOPS-20 as I recall.  As a freshman I had to punch cards, put the  diagonal stripe using a marker, across the card deck in case you dropped it (we all had to learn this the hard way), and then hand it to the computer-operator gods who would hopefully feed it into the machine to execute.  Later we advanced to using tele-type machines to write our code and later ultimately to one of the 5 or so video-monitor terminals.  We used to play some game like "dungeons" on the terminals which used words to describe some room or other and objects in the room and you would guess at what commands to type like "pick up candle" or "hit ogre with ax".   At some point you learned the program to print huge words on 10 foot long paper rolls using the very same letters to form them (as if each letter was a kind of a pixel).  The lab was noisy and we used lots of paper.

Getting time on these terminals was not easy so there were lots of late nights.   In my Junior and Senior years I was living in an apartment in Dover.  I remember frequently coming home very late from the lab in the middle of winter, freezing my butt off, but looking up at the sky and seeing the northern lights.  They were amazing.  I would never have experienced that if it weren't for late nights in our one lab.

In the early days there were still some hold-overs from the math-major with computer science option. One of those was taking a class named "Abstract Algebra".  It was a bizarre class.  I recall that after 10 weeks or so, the professor said "congratulations - you have now proved that 1 plus 1 equals 2".   I already knew that.   I even knew how to write a program in SNOBOL or Lisp or Basic that could add that up.    I learned so much at UNH, some applicable and some just general knowledge, but I still don't know why I had to take that class.

I had a project related class (I don't recall the name).  We had to do a term project with another student.  My friend and I weren't sure what project to do and the professor had a suggestion.  He said that he had a tape that had a digital picture of the Shroud of Turin.   The department had one, very expensive COLOR terminal.  It could display in COLOR.  Wow!!!.   For our project we could display the picture of the Shroud of Turin on the COLOR terminal.  Once displayed you could easily change what colors would display in which regions to highlight contrast, etc.  So we did this.  On the very last day of finals, we started the rendering job to display to the terminal.  You could see the pixels paint, one, then another, then another, then another.  So we let it go for a few hours - the campus was empty by this point and we just wanted to hit the road to go home for summer break.    When we got back at the very end of the day, we discovered that it had crashed half-way through.    We showed the professor what we had - he was a good sport about it and understood.  It would be very hard for anyone now to understand how cool it was to see this in COLOR - like understanding spring if you lived your whole life in Florida.  

UNH was a great experience for me.  I am working in Silicon Valley at my 4th or 5th startup depending on how you measure it.  I made great friends at UNH and have wonderful memories - the ones above are just a small sampling.  

Jablonski, Michelle*           BSCS ‘79

Graduated in 1979 as Michelle Trial. Had various developer jobs at DEC, Perkin-Elmer, Data General before moving out of New England to Philadelphia. I moved from technology companies to financial services as a development manager and business architect. Just moved back to NE, joining Liberty Mutual as an IT Manager.  Got married, had 3 children along the way. Still married :) and now have 1 grandchild.

Jeffrey, Mark                        BSCS ‘90

Mark Jeffrey is an award-winning serial entrepreneur of innovative technology companies backed by Tier One investors. These include The Palace (sold to in 1998), ZeroDegrees (sold to InterActive Corp/IAC in 2004), TargetClose, Mahalo (now, ThisWeekIn, and Guardian Circle.  He has authored eight books, including the Max Quick series (Harper Collins).

Most recently, Mark founded Guardian Circle, a new personal safety network app variously characterized as 'mobile messaging for emergencies' or 'peer-to-peer protection'.  Guardian Circle won at the LAUNCH Festival 2016.

Mark was the founding CTO of (now, a human-powered search and learning site, backed by Sequoia Capital (Google, Youtube, Yahoo), CBS, Newscorp, and Elon Musk (Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX). He also co-founded and served as founding CEO of the web television network ThisWeekIn with Jason Calacanis and Kevin Pollak.

Mark was Co-Founder and VP Product & Technology for the early business social networking company, ZeroDegrees. Founded in 2002, Mark sold the company to Barry Diller’s IAC/InteractiveCorp in 2004, with more than one million registered users.

Mark also consulted for several years with Travis Kalanick (now CEO of Uber) on his first company, Red Swoosh (sold to Akamai 2007)

Mark’s first company, The Palace, was backed by Time Warner, Intel and Softbank, and sold to in 1998. The Palace was a popular avatar virtual world environment that grew to 10 million users at its peak. The Palace was selected The Best of 1996 by Entertainment Weekly, and received numerous awards and coverage including: a Webby Award nomination, Cool Innovation of the Year nomination, and was selected as the Chicago SUN-Times Best Website in 1998.

Mark has been named one of '50 to Watch' by Variety magazine, a 'Hero of Multimedia' by Entertainment Weekly and presented at the very first Harvard Conference on The Internet and Society in 1996.

Mark is the author of six books of fiction, published both traditionally and as an audiobook podcast.  His first novel, MAX QUICK: THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT is published by HarperCollins.  Mark was one of the first three people ever to podcast a novel: MAX QUICK originally received over 2.5 million downloads in 2005.  Mark is also the author of BITCOIN EXPLAINED SIMPLY (2013) and THE CASE FOR BITCOIN (2016).

Johnson, Brian                     MS ’79, PhD Engin Sys Design ‘92

BS Math UNH 1967

MS Computer Science UNH 1979

PhD Engineering, System Design UNH 1992


July 1969 – July 1975 US Navy

July 1976 – January 2012 Instructor/Lecturer CS Dept. UNH


After I got my BS in 1967, I spent two years as a Math graduate student at UNH, taking primarily courses related to computer programming and computer hardware design. Due to the luck, or lack of luck, of the draw, I left my studies and enlisted in the Navy, where I spent 6 years as an Electronics Technician, teaching for about 2 ½ years at their ET school. I then returned to UNH in 1975 to resume my studies, and was delighted to find there were now a number of CS courses being taught through the Math Department. After a year of courses, the department needed an instructor to teach the introductory programming course, Math 410, over the summer session. After teaching that summer, I continued as an instructor for the department, and naturally switched from Math to the CS department when it was created. There I stayed, firmly entrenched, until I retired in 2012.


I spent about 43 years of my life at UNH, if one includes the initial 6 years prior to my return. I was somewhat amazed when I did the calculation. That provides for a large number of memories. In 1963, when I started at UNH as a freshman, the campus was much smaller than it is now, both in terms of the number of students and the number of buildings. Kingsbury sat alone on that side of the road, with only chicken coops, yes, complete with chickens, beside it. The Math department resided on the top floor of T-Hall. Across the road from Kingsbury, both Spaulding Life Sciences and Paul Creative Arts were new buildings. In 1963, the small animal barn and pasture filled the space now covered by parking Lot A. The library was half the current size, as was the MUB. When I returned in 1975, I was stunned by the number of new buildings that had been added over that short a period of time.

Over the years, our courses have changed. We were one of the first schools in this country to start using Pascal as an introductory programming language, replacing Fortran. I was the one given the task of installing our first Pascal compiler, which made me thankful for the two semesters of German the Math department had required for my BS, as the comments and directions were not written in English. Since then, the introductory language has changed a number of times, from Pascal to SML; from SML to LISP, from LISP to C++, and finally from C++ to Java. Our courses have been renumbered and reorganized several times, each time, hopefully, for the better.

In the early days, many departments outside of CEPS required the introductory programming course Math 410. At its peak, we handled about 600 students per semester, spread over three sections, plus about 200 more during the summer session. Walking on the sidewalks around campus, I recognized about a quarter of the students I met, who either were current 410 students, or who had taken it some previous semester.

I was a student as well as a lecturer for many of the years I taught. This gave me a somewhat different outlook than I might have had, had I just been teaching. I knew first hand that Prof Russell hated to stop early, but also never wanted to stop once he started a topic, so his classes often ran over; and that Prof Bergeron's tests were always too long, although I have been given to understand that he has mellowed somewhat in that aspect. I also learned that you could always ask a faculty member for help. Bob Russell, in about 20 seconds, pointed out an extra semicolon I had at the end of a C for clause, one that I had spent well over an hour trying to debug. I learned an important lesson; none of us are immune to making mistakes, and that when we read our own code, we read what we thought we wrote, not necessarily what we actually wrote.

Many, many students have passed through my office door over the years. Some wanting help, some wanting a form signed, some just wanting to talk. It is these interactions with students that I remember the most.

Johnson, Erica*                    BSCS ‘01

Erica Johnson was named Director of the University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) in Durham, NH, in 2007. In this position she utilizes her industry experience in networking, developing certification test programs and creating strategic partnerships leading the lab’s continued success.

In addition, Erica supports industry leaders, professional staff, and student employees with thought leadership and industry guidance that makes the UNH-IOL the innovative leader of third party testing services and solutions. Recently, she has also facilitated the lab’s move to a new 28,000 sq ft facility in downtown Durham, NH.

In recognition of her industry leadership, Erica has been named the Open Networking Foundation Testing Leadership Council Chair and adds this appointment to the Co-Chair of the IPv6 Forum’s IPv6 Ready Logo Program.  She has also been recognized by NH Business Review as a recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Women in Business award, Fierce Telecom’s list of “Women in Wireline”, and was awarded, by the University of New Hampshire, with the UNH Women’s Commission’s Stephanie Thomas Staff Award in honor of her achievements in promoting and embodying the advancement of women in the sciences. Erica also acts as a Director on the UNH CEPS Alumni Society Board, UNH Broadband Center of Excellence Board and is Co-editor of the Network Testing Series for IEEE Communications Magazine.

Having completed her B.S. in Computer Science in 2001 and MBA at UNH in 2011, Erica continues to build strategic partnerships using her entrepreneurial and technical skills, training the next generation of engineers while building a sustainable business to the meet the needs of the data communications and networking industry. Her lab initiatives include commercialization of UNH-IOL testing products, STEM educational opportunities, career placement for student employees and creating a new foundation to fund the education of future engineers.

Joy, Joseph*                          MS ‘91

Joseph grew up in India as an “army brat”, living for a few years each in several cities. He worked for 22 years at Microsoft, most recently as a Software Architect at Microsoft Research. He has contributed to several Microsoft products including several versions of Windows Client and Server. He left Microsoft in September 2013 to start a small company, Rinworks LLC, that is focusing on inquiry-based educational programs that leverage technology and rich media, though nowadays he spends more and more time volunteer teaching. He has a B. Tech in Naval Architecture (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras), an MS in Ocean Engineering, and an MS in Computer Science (both from the University of New Hampshire).

Kao, David T.                        PhD ‘97

Dr. David T. Kao is the technical lead of backbone capacity planning team at Charter Communications. He has more than 15 years of experiences in network equipment R&D, network engineering, and capacity planning. He led the voice and media gateway development team at Lucent Technologies for a highly successful multi-service media gateway product line. He was the lead engineer of Verizon global public IP network engineering team on network modeling, capacity planning, and performance monitoring. Prior to joining Time Warner Cable (now Charter Communications), he was the network architect and manager of advanced services at JDSU, providing consulting services on network optimization and capacity planning.

His current research interests include network modeling, network performance measurement, Netflow analytics, deep packet inspection, IPDR analytics, predictive analysis, and big data. Dr. Kao holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of New Hampshire.

Keeney, David                       MS ‘89

Mr David Keeney graduated from UNH in 1989.  He worked as an independent software contractor for many years, working for companies such as Kodak, Digital, Nortel, At&t, Boston Technology, and Tekelec.  He Co-founded OnState Communications Corp, a telecommunications software company.  The base product, a web based telephone switch, incorporated ideas that were first conceived in his UNH Master's thesis. The company lasted 7 years, a casualty of the tech bust. He worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Wells Fargo Bank and PayPal before retiring in 2013.  Mr Keeney is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) and invented an SNMP component for Digital that later became RFC 2741.

Kelly, Stephen                      BSIT ‘12

Steve Kelly graduated from UNH in 2012, among the first class of the UNH IT program. Steve was heavily involved in UNH's Academic Technology department, including the IT Support Center and Parker Media Lab. Additionally, he worked as a web designer in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, and was the server manager of UNH's Student Cable Access Network (SCAN TV 24) from 2009 to 2012.

Since graduating, he has largely worked in the field of education, spending three years as a Corporate IT Analyst at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, and most recently as the Systems Administrator for Daniel Webster College in Nashua New Hampshire. In the coming months, Steve will be transitioning to Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester New Hampshire, which has been working closely with Daniel Webster College during its period of change.

Steve has been an avid Candlepin bowler for over 20 years, participating in several regional and international tournaments over the years. He enjoys collecting and preserving old game consoles and games.

Kolovson, Curtis                   BSCS ‘80

I wish that I could join you all for the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the UNH CS Dept. I would like to share with you some of my memories of my time at UNH in the late 1970s, and also my experiences since graduating in December 1979.

I entered UNH in the Fall of 1977 as a 3rd year transfer student from Lyndon State College (Lyndonville, VT), where I had been majoring in Meteorology. Initially I enrolled at UNH as an Electrical Engineering major. In the summer of 1977, I had the good fortune of having taken a class on "Assembly Language Programming" on the DEC PDP-11, taught by Brian Johnson. That was my first CS course. Then in the fall semester, I enrolled in EE courses. I quickly realized that I didn't have the prerequisite courses and background for the EE courses I was in, especially the Circuits class. I then dropped out of all my EE courses and for the remainder of that semester I took some Liberal Arts courses. Not sure what to major in at that point, I remembered how much I enjoyed the course I had taken the past summer. So, starting in the spring of 1978, I enrolled in CS courses. At the time, the CS curriculum included several Math courses. I really enjoyed all my classes. I especially enjoyed all the courses that I had taken with Professor Robert D. Russell, which included Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Compilers, and Security (the latter was a graduate level course). I regret never having taken any classes taught by Professor Daniel Bergeron, but that's just how it worked out. The CS Class of 1979 was a great one and I had many friends who I still consider lifelong friends. People like Chris Mayo (who sadly has passed away), Anne and Will Marchant, Fred Taft, Henry Moreton, Brent Paulovicks, and Andrea Fella.

After graduating from UNH in December of 1979, I stayed on for one additional semester (spring of 1980) as a Research Assistant (along with Chris Mayo). He and I worked with Professor Russell. I took some graduate level CS courses also. I worked on a research project with Prof Russell related to computer networking which involved writing a DMA device driver for a DEC operating system.

After several on-campus interviews, I decided to take a job with Bell Labs in NJ mainly because at that time they had a "One Year On Campus" (OYOC, affectionately known as "Oh, Yuck!") program that offered a 1-year Masters Degree in certain disciplines, that included CS. Thanks to the encouragement of Anne & Will who had moved to Berkeley, CA and Chris & Fred who had taken jobs with HP in Cupertino, CA -- I decided to go to UC Berkeley in 1980-81 for a one year Masters degree in CS. This was a very enriching experience for me.

I then returned to Bell Labs in Whippany, NJ and worked there from 1981-83. The most memorable project I worked on was a transactional file system for a database management system that featured concurrency control and crash recovery. It was this experience that introduced me to transactions and the work of the late Jim Gray.

By 1983, the divestiture of the Bell System by AT&T due to a Federal anti-trust lawsuit was taking place, and there was much turmoil at Bell Labs. This, combined with my fond memories of CA, made me look for jobs in the SF Bay Area. In August of 1983, I joined HP in Cupertino where both Chris & Fred were working. While working at HP Labs, I was fortunate to have been a recipient of the HP Labs Resident Fellowship, which allowed me to pursue a PhD in CS which I did at UC Berkeley. I graduated with my PhD in December 1990. My thesis adviser was Prof Michael Stonebraker, who recently was awarded the ACM Turing Award for his pioneering research on Database Management Systems. By the way, while I was doing my PhD at Berkeley, there was another UNH classmate doing the same - Henry Moreton. His area was (and still is) Computer Graphics. He now has a very senior position at NVIDIA.

I wound up working for HP for nearly 29 years in several groups and various roles. The first ~20 years were good, but when Carly Fiorina became CEO the company started going downhill and never recovered.

In 2012, I "retired" from HP and joined VMware, where I still work. I am a Sr Staff Engineer in the Cloud Provider Software Business Unit.

I feel that I was extremely lucky to have attended UNH and having majored in CS. I have many great memories of my time there -- especially the wonderful courses that I took from Professor Russell, who is a brilliant man. In many ways, he inspired me to pursue a career in this field, and I am forever grateful for all he has taught me.

Best wishes, Bob and Dan. Congrats on the 35th anniversary of the department. And best wishes to everyone there.

Kulkarni, Ram                      MS ‘93

Text Box:  Ram leads Engineering Services for Infosys in Europe. Ram came to Infosys after having served as the Chief Executive Officer of Cybernetic Research Labs a Company focused on bringing to the manufacturing industry in India the highest calibre engineering, design, automation and ICT services. Before CRL Ram served as the Special Advisor to the President of Sitra. Sitra is the National Innovation Fund of Finland. Sitra is mandated to promote the economic welfare, growth and competitiveness of Finland within the global marketplace. Prior to Sitra Ram was at FANUC, Ltd. FANUC is the world leader in factory automation and robotics. At FANUC Ram progressed through various roles in Product Engineering, Research and Development, Information Technology and General Management becoming a key member of FANUC’s global Leadership Team as the CIO of FANUC Robotics Americas; Ram held top level leadership and Board positions at FANUC’s subsidiaries in the United States and Asia including India. Ram has more than 25 years of experience in Technology and management of Technology.

My memories of my time at UNH are like the 4 seasons - there was great beauty and change and there was great learning and growing up. The greatest gift that UNH gave me was the association with Dr. Bergeron. His teaching, his scholarship, his work ethic, his compassion yet firmness and his cheerful and intense way of handling everything that he did. Memories of how Dr. Bergeron did things and handled situations have come back into my life time and time again and each time I use a little of what I saw and observed then in the years 1987-90 to the extent my personality is able. 

The grounding in the basics and the advanced concepts is still firm and are with me despite the passage of time and despite my never really having practiced what I learned at UNH. 

UNH gave me a second chance to grow up and I am eternally grateful for that chance. I am sharing here the most important learning and growing up experience that UNH contributed to me. It was at UNH that I learned that no matter how hard it is and no matter what the consequences are it is best to frankly confront and own ones part in the trials in our lives. To own our part in the triumphs is easy but in the trials – well that is a wholly different matter because how these decisions impact us in the long arc of life is not something that we can know when such choices are made. I experienced such a choice at UNH. That choice to acknowledge and own my part in that experience set me down a journey that began first with the dismantling of me and also of every concept about me that I had meticulously assembled until then. Despite the hardship and the pain of such an experience it was at UNH under the firm and compassionate guidance of Dan that I was able to reassemble myself. What I also learnt then was that renewal is all about dismantling and reassembling and that it cannot happen unless we confront the issues in our lives honestly. Whether this choice is at an individual level or a larger organizational level, the courage, the honesty and the integrity needed are the same. Also though the process of renewal can be painful and hard, the people who drive these processes can do so without being unkind. I experienced the kindness of Dr. Bergeron through my own renewal – he was tough but never unkind. Years on since then, I have had the fortune to mentor and develop fine young people into able and responsible members of a few organizations and of our society – with each I have thought of how Dan had handled me.

UNH also gave me some of my most cherished and enduring friendships - I met Jeff Friedl at UNH and though I knew Avinash Chopde before coming to UNH I got to know him better at UNH. They are both like brothers to me. Avi has written to me that he will be attending the celebrations on October the 8th. I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing more about the celebrations from him.

Lapadula, Anthony*             BSCS ’90, MS ’91, PhD ‘07

Laramee, Robert                   MS ‘00

Robert S. Laramee received a bachelors degree in physics, cum laude, from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (ZooMass) in 1997. In 2000, he received a masters degree in computer science from the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He was awarded a PhD from the Vienna University of Technology (Gruess Gott TUWien), Austria at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms in 2005. From 2001 to 2006 he was a researcher at the VRVis Research Center ( and a software engineer at AVL ( in the department of Advanced Simulation Technologies. Currently he is an Associate Professor at the Swansea University (Prifysgol Cymru Abertawe), Wales in the Department of Computer Science (Adran Gwyddor Cyfrifiadur). His research interests are in the areas of scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conferences.

Larsen, Bradford*                 BSCS ’08, MS ‘10

After attending UNH, Brad Larsen ('08 BSCS, '09 BA Philosophy, '10G MSCS) studied at Tufts with a focus on programming languages and compilers.  This was good preparation for work in software security. He spent the next 4 years working on static program analysis at Veracode.  He now works as a software developer in the big data / ETL space at Ab Initio Software.

When not thinking about program analysis, Brad enjoys playing jazz guitar.

Lauritzen, Mogens               BSCS ‘82

I’m thrilled to hear about the anniversary, and also that you are still active at UNH. You were the chair during my time at UNH and in no small amount a catalyst for my admission and eventual completion of my BSCS in Dec-1982.

Immediately after my graduation I ventured out to Silicon Valley where I’ve been ever since. I have to admit there have been many times when my thoughts - with fondness – have walked back to my days at UNH. In fact, in May last year I was able to visit and met with Prof. Fil Glanz (EE). Fil and I have been in touch for many years. I also got to meet with Radim Bartos. UNH/CS have come a long way since the days of the old Kingsbury Hall!

Today I have my own little business here in Mountain View where I sell my control systems worldwide for solar trackers. As I usually joke with my fellow engineers here in the valley; I’m probably the least paid engineer, but by far the one with the most rewarding job! So far it has been 10 years, and I hope to continue for many years to come J

I doubt I’ll be able to attend as I’ll be arriving back from Denmark (my birth country) in late September, and I’m sure I’ll be tied down here with urgent customer work. Never-the-less, please continue to keep me informed about the activities of the CS department.

Special greetings to Brian Johnson and James Weiner.

Leavitt, Jill*                          BSCS ‘85

Worked for 10 years in the field (Norden Systems, Wang Laboratories, CrossComm Corporation). Now looking to get back in!

Lebel, Jolene*                       BSCS ‘86

System Engineer at BAE Systems.  Software and System engineer at BAE Systems for 30 years.  Married with two children. Son graduated from UNH. Daughter a junior Neuroscience major at UNH.  Reside in Litchfield NH.

Leser, John*                          BSCS ‘00

Lipsa, Dan                             MS ‘98

I have married and I have two boys 9 and 4. I earned my PhD in Visualization from Swansea Univ., UK in 2013. I work as R&D Engineer for Kitware.

Locke, Brian*                        BSCS ‘03

Looney, Elizabeth                 BSCS ‘87

Liz Vinsel Looney is a senior software engineer at Google. She has worked at Google for over 10 years and has contributed to the development of MIT App Inventor, Google My Maps, and Google Voice. Liz is also a member of the Technology Team for the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics program (see She has over 30 years of experience as a software engineer, working at Borland, Oracle, and Google. Liz earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from The University of New Hampshire in 1987.

Luby, Karen                          BSCS ‘86

See Karen Healey

MacBeth, Mark                     BSCS ’97, MS ‘99

I live in Amherst NH with my wife, two kids, eight chickens, a duck, and a dog.  I am the Software Architect for Newforma, a company located in Manchester NH that creates software for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies.

Malyankar, Raphael M.       MS ‘89

After completing a M.S. from UNH CS, Raphael went on to obtain a Ph. D. in computer science from Arizona State University and research investigator positions in the same institution, doing research in intelligent agent systems and the representation of geospatial information, followed by contract positions in manufacturing scheduling and technical standards for maritime information. He is now a consultant in marine geomatics and lives in Tempe, Arizona.

I can't be there on the 8th October but best wishes to CS@UNH for the 35th anniversary celebration and in the future. I will always be grateful for the opportunities you offered me, the doors opened up, and the wonderfully kind people I met at CS@UNH, faculty, staff, and students.

Malla, Devesh*                     BSCS ‘98

Matthias, Collette*              BSCS ’93, MS ‘95

See Collette Powers*.

McClane, Marie*                 BSCS ‘78

See Marie Candela*

McClung, John                     BSCS ‘80

After graduating from UNH in 1980 I worked 19 years at Digital/Compaq, and have spent the last 16 years at Oracle in Nashua.

Some of my CS related memories from school include learning "structured programming" using Fortran, gotos with comments to make them look like if/then/else statements, and programming with key cards the first year (uggh).

I am married (met wife my last year at school) with 3 sons, the oldest graduated from UNH also.

Thanks for a great start to my career.

McEachern, Joseph*            MS ‘96

In 2001, Joe founded QA Cafe to focus on software test solutions for IP networking. QA Cafe is located in Portsmouth, NH and 9 out of its 12 employees are UNH graduates. Joe lives in Kittery with his wife Deirdre and two children and still enjoys a good coding challenge.

McGuigan, Keith*                BSCS ’98, MS ‘06

Graduated from UNH with BS in 1998 and MS in 2006.  Spent many years working on the Java Virtual Machine at Sun Microsystems/Oracle. Currently working on source control systems (git) at Twitter.

Mikula, Eric                          BSCS ‘08

Worked for EMC in Nashua for 4.5 years, Riverbed in Nashua for 2.5 years, currently doing contract work in Concord.

Millett, Charles                    MS ‘88

Five years software engineer air traffic control simulation (Startup). Five years software engineer Telephony(Startup). Eighteen years Telephony (Unified Communications) Solutions Architect Cisco Systems.  Avid Boater, Scuba Diver, Fishing, Runner

Miner, Jonathan                   BSCS ‘91

Jonathan started working for Sanders after graduation in 1991, staying with the company, now BAE Systems.  His UNH CS degree has been a valuable foundation for his career. Outside of work, Jon works on Raspberry Pi-based projects, currently developing methods to analyze railroad track via accelerometer readings. Jon continues to coach alpine skiing at Pats Peak, and volunteers at Live and Let Live Farm, where he works with horses.  Jon is married, with two kids, the youngest is a freshman at UNH, pursuing mechanical engineering.

Minuti, Dino*                       BSCS ‘81

Mitchell, Denise*                 MS ‘02

Mitchell, David                     MS ‘84

After graduating in 1984, I spent a year working on raster graphics for a workstation company, before moving on to a multiprocessor  systems vendor.  Since then I've worked primarily on the scaling, performance, and correctness of multiprocessor systems, broadening out to include multicomputer clusters connected by RDMA fabrics  using a variety of protocols and transports, as those have become more common.  I've been blessed with a steady supply of interesting challenges over the years, and I'm grateful for encouragement I got from Jim, Dan, and Bob Russell as I was starting along this path.

Mitchell, Peter*                    MS ‘07

Moody, Holly Clark             BSCS ‘86

Moreton, Henry*                  BSCS ’79, MS ‘83

Henry Moreton is a Senior Distinguished Engineer in the architecture group at NVIDIA. He joined NVIDIA in the fall of 1998. From 1984 to 1998 he worked at Silicon Graphics. He received a Ph.D. ‘92 from the University of California, Berkeley and MS ‘83 and BS ’79 from the University of New Hampshire. He has published in the areas of GPU architecture, curve and surface modeling, rendering, texture mapping, video and image compression, and unmanned submarine control. He has over one hundred patents in the areas of optics, video compression, graphics, system and CPU architecture, and curve & surface modeling & rendering. Current interests include the evolution of graphics programming models and, API design and hardware architecture of highly parallel programmable devices.

Morris, Tom                          BSCS ‘07

I studied Computer Science at UNH about 10 years ago, studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary my Senior year, and then graduating in 2007! Now I build software for aircraft in C++ at BAE Systems!

Morrison, Wayne*                BSCS ‘80

When I taught a PC assembly class at River Valley Community College a few years ago, I showed the students a picture of a modern memory chip resting on an old core memory frame, with memory sizes listed.  They were amazed at what people had to work with back then.

I have fond memories of the dual DEC-1090s from my time at UNH, especially since I later worked at DEC for many years.  They're a bit dusty now, but I still have some of the DEC-10 manuals.

Mudambi, Shyam*               MS ‘85

Shyam Mudambi is currently Sr. Director, Analytics at Kronos Inc. Prior to that he ran the Big Data platform team at IBM's Silicon Valley Labs. He completed his Masters in CS at UNH in 1985 and his PhD from Brandeis in 1991. His areas of interest include distributed and parallel computation, machine learning and languages.

Munroe, Ruth*                     BSCS ’79, MS ‘85

From UNH I went to Bell Labs in North Andover, MA where I worked in the software tools group and then a transmission system software group where I was responsible for the protection switching system and heavily involved with the fault management system design. After the great AT&T divestiture, I moved to Pennsylvania with my husband and two children. Most recently I have been working for my son, Michael du Breuil, developing a ground control system for UAVs, including the plane that his company, Swift Radioplanes, designs and manufactures.

Muqueth, Akmal                  MS ‘08

Currently working as a Lead Software Engineer managing a team of 8 at Brighter Inc, Los Angeles, CA

Prior to that worked as a Sr software engineer and software consultant primarily working on developing web applications.

Nappi, Jonathan*                 BSCS ‘13

Pavel, Dana                           MS ‘98

After graduating with a MSc in CS from UNH in 1998, I started working with Nokia Research (first in Boston and then in Finland), holding positions of Research Engineer, Senior Research Engineer and, eventually, Research Manager. My main research and work areas were in software and system architectures for ubiquitous computing, context-aware computing and affective computing.  After leaving Nokia in 2007, I moved to the UK and started working towards my PhD at University of Essex, in Colchester. My PhD work provided me with an opportunity to continue and further develop previous research interests by creating a context-aware system intended to provide support for better self-understanding within personal wellbeing scenarios. After obtaining my PhD, I started a software development/consulting company intended to take forward certain aspects of my PhD work. Following my move to Greenwich, UK, and inspired by the vibrant artistic community in this area, I started spending more time indulging my passions for painting and drawing, while continuing to work in developing context-aware systems.

Pfisterer, Adrian                   BSCS ‘86

1988 - 1991 : Unix system administrator for Softdesk, Inc. of Henniker, NH.

1991 - 1995 : Unix system administrator, developer for Micron Technology, Boise, Idaho

1996 - 2000 : Software developer, Hewlett-Packard, Boise, Idaho. Communications protocols for printers and other devices.

2000 - 2002 : Received GIS Certificate, University of Utah.

2002 - 2005 : Software developer, Bachman Software.  Worked on printing software for Palm Pilots.

2005 - 2013 : Software developer, Healthwise, Inc. Boise, Idaho.  Non-profit delivering consumer health information via hosted applications and packaged up for clients to integrate with their applications.

2013 - present : Software development manager/technical lead, Healthwise, Inc. Boise, Idaho.

Playdon, Paul*                      BSCS ‘96

Plumlee, Matthew*              BSCS ’95, PhD ‘04

Matt spent a year doing research after completing a PhD with Colin Ware in 2004. After a divorce, he took most of his stuff and traveled the country in the summer of 2006. He came back to teach and direct the Programming Assistance Center (PAC) for 7 years as he started a new family. He then left and spent ~2 years as a software engineering manager at a local company. Matt came back to UNH this year to teach mid-sequence core courses and expose more students to problems, technologies, and practices from the work-world that they wouldn't get in a normal course.

Pourghasemi, Narges           MS ‘86

I am so honored and excited to hear from you and UNH.  I never forget your kindness, help and support during a big transition in my life. Nevertheless the great knowledge and skill I acquired while I was at UNH which even today is so beneficial  to my career.  I never forget the support of the whole department and the beautiful campus of UNH, and Kingsbury Hall the home of CS Dept.  I always desired to visit UNH and while I am currently live in Southern California, coincidentally I will be in Boston area around the last week of September for a side consulting job. I wish I could have attended this event, but perhaps some other time.

Powers, Collette*                 BSCS ’93, MS ‘97

Lecturer, Computer Science, UNH.

Prendergast, Joseph*           BSCS ’06, MS ‘12

I'm a professional web developer.

Radermacher, Klaus*          MS ‘90

Fidelity Investments, Merrimack, NH

Director, Implementations, Personal and Workplace Investing                                    Nov 2014 – present

Lead the implementations of Corporate Equity Compensation plans from emerging to strategic levels.  Received two SPS One awards in Q1 2016 – for outstanding Implementation and for contribution to participant onboarding.

Fidelity Investments, Merrimack, NH

Director of Data Conversion, Personal and Workplace Investing                          May 2012 – Nov 2014

Fidelity Investments, (Consultant) Merrimack, NH & Boston, MA

Senior Systems Project Manager, Personal and Workplace Investing                    Jan. 2007 – May 2012

Measured Progress, Dover, NH  

Program Manager                                                                                                    Jan. 2006 – Nov. 2006

Edward Jones Investments, Exeter, NH

Investment Representative                                                                                       Oct. 2003 – April 2004

Portsmouth IT Schoolhouse (grant-funded contract) Portsmouth, NH

Project Manager                                                                                                    March 2003 – Sep. 2003

Monarch Software Development, Nashua, NH  

Director of Engineering                                                                                            July 1998 – Dec. 2002


Southern New Hampshire University, Master of Business Administration 

Focused on Project and Operations Management  |  Outstanding MBA Student Award Recipient  |  GPA 4.0

University of New Hampshire, Master of Science, Computer Science

University of New Hampshire, Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry

Project Management Institute, Project Management Professional (PMI) Member-Certified PMP Since 2004


My first degree from UNH was in Biochemistry.  Though after six months, I found I enjoyed programming the instruments more than the chemistry.  During this time I met my wife and my previous goal of earning of PhD in Genetics did not seem pertinent.  So after speaking with Bob Russell and Dan Bergeron, I enrolled in the MSCS program where Dan became my advisor.  One recommendation: do NOT go on your honeymoon when graduate school starts.  It’s very tough to catch-up when missing the first week of school!  My graduate thesis was on a parallel ray-tracer and how to optimize memory management.  This project was very exciting as it really was pretty state-of-the-art at the time.

Even before I graduated, I was employed by Mission Research Corporation.  The interview lasted from 8:30AM to 6:00PM and involved a presentation to the technical staff where I presented my thesis work.  At MRC I worked on Cray supercomputers and one of the first things I did was translate C codes into Fortran (had to convert a tree-structure into a series of parallel arrays.) Dan thought I was nuts – going the wrong way!  But Fortran is highly optimized on the Cray (the Los Alamos system had three Fortran compilers to choose from).  At MRC I was the jack-of-all-trades: developer, Unix system administrator, setting up computers, responding to technical RFPs.  I was also introduced to Windows development.  Although I did well and earned the President’s award and featured in the recruitment brochure, there was limited growth and I moved on.

After four years, on a friend’s recommendation, I moved to Cadec, which was a division of Cummins (the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturer).  I rapidly progressed from senior developer to technical lead to architect.  I worked on various products and ran several teams that handled hardware interfaces, embedded development, Windows development, QNX and Neutrino.  When Cadec was spun-off, I had the opportunity to remain or start a new company with a previous boss.  We co-founded a small software and training company, Monarch Software Development, and while we had several small clients, our largest were Cummins and InstallShield.  I became THE East Coast consultant for InstallShield, which allowed me a break from the Windows, OLE development.  After almost six years of 70+ hour weeks, the turndown in the technical recession, and a serious illness of our youngest son, I paid off my mortgage for a year and devoted time to the family.  When I returned to work, I diverted into financial services earning my series 7, 63, and 24.  I also earned my PMP and started my MBA.  While this detour did not work well for the technical aspects, little did I know how it would help for my current position.

For almost ten years I have been working for Fidelity Investments, working on both the technical and business aspects of larger multi-million dollar equity plans (stock options and the like).  I completed my MBA (4.0 – again, I credit UNH CS for the training) and moved through the ranks.  Now some of my clients “high-technology” and I have several west coast clients. Even though after years of technical work (before computer science I was a chemist), the Computer Science program helped to sharpen my critical reasoning skills.  Frequently I have to conduct Use Case analysis, Data Flow diagrams, and the like and the technical background definitely gives an edge.

The University system has treated us well: our eldest son Erik is entering Northeastern University this winter for the Physical Therapy doctoral program and his undergraduate career at Keene State served him.  Our middle son, Max is a junior EE at UNH and works at the IOL.  And our youngest son, Jakob is currently checking out colleges and is leaning towards Keene State.  Considering my wife is a board-certified oncology pharmacist, he will be the first non-technical Radermacher.

Rauhala, Ken*                      BSCS ‘85

Memories of the DEC-10 and assembler programming, punched cards, magtapes, 100 block quota (space for 4 source files), no network connection, late nights in the computer room until sunrise, Karl's run.

All UNH students were using this one DEC-10 machine!

Sophomore year we got the DEC VAX with Unix.

There were 2 VAX, one dedicated to CS majors and another for the introduction to programming classes.

The EE department also had some dedicated machines, PDP-11 and PDP-8.

Languages back then: Pascal, Cobol, Fortran, LISP, C, Ada.

I am still working in 2016 as software engineer doing C programming. Unix (Linux) also still lives on.

Over the years I have interviewed and hired computer science students from various colleges and the caliber of UNH students is as good as any.

Renke, Maxwell*                  BSCS ‘15

I am a current CS masters student that graduated with my B.S. in CS from UNH in May 2015. I have been working at the UNH-IOL for over 4 years, and currently manage the Ethernet Switching Protocols consortium as a GRA. I am working with now retired Professor Robert Russell on his UNH Extended Sockets Library work with RDMA. I expect to graduate December 2016.

Rideout, William*                BSCS ‘12

After graduating in 2012, Will settled in Nashua, NH working for Dell as a Software Engineer in their Storage Division.  After four years, Will left Dell and is now writing software for Arista Networks.

Robinson, Matthew              BSCS ’09, MS ‘11

MMS Analytics, Inc.

2014-Present:, Co-founder, VP of Engineering, MeteorJS (MongoDB, JavaScript)

2013-Present: New England Innovation Center (, Partner, Technical Director

2011-2014: Regaalo, Inc., Co-founder, VP of Engineering, LAMP stack.

Ross, Gina*                           MS ‘89

See Gina Desmarais*

Rossi, Thomas*

Ross, Scott                             BSCS ‘84

First job was at ImagiTex, producing scanners for various print markets.  Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, Group Leader.

Left in 1989 to try consulting.  Consulted at TermiFlex (Hand-Held Controllers), Camex (Unix Device Drivers), KeyFile (Windows 3.1).  Was offered a permanent position at all three places (I am proud of that).  Accepted off at Keyfile.

After a short time at Keyfile was offered opportunity to found Zydacron (Video Conferencing) with 2 colleagues I had met in previous positions.

Started Zydacron in 1991 and stayed there until 2001.  Principal SW Engineer, Director of Software, VP of Engineering.  Got married and we had a son.

After leaving Zydacron, needed to do something invigorating.  Prayed about it, sold the house and moved to Montana, with no job.  Found a job working on a pharmaceutical application.  Stayed there for 4 great years, but then wanted to move back to civilization.

Moved to Minnesota where I worked as a principal software engineer, then senior manager then director at a company working on digital radiology.

After about 4 years moved to Pittsburgh to work on digital pathology.  Was ready for a change, and took a position where the challenges are much more around operational and team considerations, at HUB parking Technology USA where I am Director of Engineering and Chief Information Security Officer.

Rousseau, Curt                     BSCS ‘89

Currently VP of Technology for United Parcel Service - Europe Region.

Working and living in Brussels, Belgium.

Sabin, Mihaela*                   PhD ‘03

Schaefer, Sheri*                  BSCS ‘87

Sherie graduated from UNH in 1987.  She has been working at Morgan Stanley since 1988, in Mortgage Capital Markets, Fixed Income Research, and a number of technology roles.   She is currently COO of Wealth Management Field and Client technology.  She has 2 children who are currently attending college.

What I remember most from my CS college experience in the mid/late 80’s was living in the computer lab.  That was before remote computing existed.  My fondest memories were late night, a girl in sweats and a pony tail, lost in her glowing computer screen, determined not to give up.   I’m stuck. Let me try this.  No? ok.  Trip down the empty hallways to grab a Payday and Diet Coke.  OK. let’s try this.  No? ok. And that went on sometimes for hours.  Then, breakthrough! Adrenaline soaring.  And the huge sense of accomplishment.

Sexton, Christopher            MS ‘12

Chris Sexton graduated in 2012 with a M.S. having worked on a thesis with Wheeler Ruml. Since then, he has worked briefly for a speech processing startup and then a data analytics company focused on identifying how ongoing change may impact critical business processes and/or an enterprise?s cyber security posture. He is currently a visiting faculty member at Indiana University Southeast's computer science department and is pursuing a Ph.D. at University of Louisville.

Shanley, Betsy*                    BSCS ‘84

See Betsy Coleman*

Shea, Daniel                         BSCS ’13, MS ‘15

I have been a software engineer with Hewlett Packard Enterprise for about one year, primarily working with their Smart SAN protocol and extending support to iSCSI. I have also filed two patents related to this work through them, both of which are still being finalized by HPE's legal team.

Sherman, Matthew*            MS ‘12

Shidlovsky, Scott*                BSCS ‘13

Sindelar, Iris                         MS ‘83

Thanks to Jean Kemp, one of my UNH CS grad school classmates, both Bob Zampini and I went to work for AT&T Bell Labs in Andover, MA when it was a wonderful place to work. I worked as a telecommunications software engineer there for 16 years. I was elected to the Merrimack Valley Works Engineering Excellence Society for work I did in automating user interface software code. I brought two other UNH CS alums to Bell Labs during the time I was there: Ruth Munroe and Hank Dolben. I retired from what was then Lucent Bell Labs as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (I didn't care to go into management). Sadly, that once wonderful company is no more; it was bought by Alcatel, and in turn Alcatel-Lucent was bought by Nokia.

After I left Lucent, I joined a startup, Quantum Bridge, as a senior software engineer. Two years later, that company ran out of funds during the telecomm crash following 9/11, and laid off the entire software force as well as most of the rest, and was eventually bought by Motorola.

I then was asked to join a small contracting company, Innovative Communications Engineering (ICE), doing research and rapid prototyping for a Boeing Satellite Systems government contract bid. The 5 years I spent with ICE were the best of all (of course if I told you what I did, I'd have to kill you), and I was really sad when the contract competition was cancelled, which meant the end of our little company. But by then it really was time for me to retire.

I'm sorry I won't be able to take part in your celebration. Sorry also that all the companies I worked for are defunct and can't contribute to the CS department. But I donate every year; it's because you took a chance on me and my weird resume and let me into the CS graduate school that I was able to have a wonderful and rewarding career. We were able to send both our sons to MIT & grad school.

Skrabal, Matthew*               BSCS ‘16

IT Specialist.

Smith, Craig*                       BSCS ’93, MS ‘97

Me. I've done things. I've taught stuff. I've done those things again, but better.

Haven't written a bio in a long time; consider this the first time.

Soczewinski, Richard*        BSCS ‘90

Srikanthan, Raj                    MS ‘97

Derivatives Technology, Northern Trust, Chicago

Srinivas, Krithika                MS ‘97

I will unfortunately miss the event. I have many fond memories of my years at UNH (1995-1997) when I worked with Professor Russell on my Masters thesis. My RA at IOL helped me get a job at Bay Networks right after I graduated. My division went through a series of acquisitions and name changes and I am now at Avaya (still working on Networking). I owe my success in the Networking field to the great base that UNH and IOL provided me with. Wish UNH CS a very happy Anniversary! Proud to be a UNH alumni!

Starr, Neal*                          BSCS ‘01

I began attending UNH in the fall of 1996, originally as an electrical engineering major.  This turned out to be not such a good match for me, and after struggling my first year at UNH, and finally ending up on academic probation after fall semester my sophomore year in 1997, I decided to switch majors to the Computer Science program as I had discovered more enjoyment in the programming classes I had taken up to that point.

Computer Science turned out to be an equally challenging program, but overall I managed to do pretty well in my CS courses, and found that the instructors were always top-notch and willing to help us however possible.  Over the course of my time in the CS program, I fondly remember most of the staff I had the pleasure of learning from: grad students Charles Elfe and Phil Rhodes, Brian Johnson, Profs. Varki and Bartos, and most especially, Prof. Dan Bergeron, who I had for Object-Oriented Methodology, and who was also my academic advisor During my entire tenure at UNH, OO and Computer Graphics (which was taught by visiting professor Don House the semester I took it), were my two favorite classes and the most rewarding ones I ever took.  In addition, without Prof. Bergeron helping me along the way, I don't think I would have made it to graduation.  Due to switching majors, and basically having to start over in a new course of study half way through my sophomore year, I didn't finally graduate until after fall semester 2001.  There were many ups and downs along the way, lots of all-nighters and being stressed out, and sometimes I wondered if I would actually finish successfully, but I always managed to stick with it, and that's about the only advice I could give to any CS undergrad today.  Just never give up and stay with it, no matter what.  The sense of accomplishment I got graduating from the CS program was incomparable.

One of the other highlights of my time at UNH in relation to the CS program, were my employment experiences with the Interoperability Lab.  I began working there in the Fast Ethernet consortium in the summer of 1997, after my freshman year.  This turned out to be life-altering for me, as from then on, I concentrated and specialized in computer networking-related areas of study in my CS career as well.  I learned so much there about networking standards and TCP/IP and the budding Internet in general, that just wasn't possible anywhere else.  I was even approved to take the grad-level CS925 Computer Networks class as an undergrad as a result of my experience from the IOL.  We got to work on so many new and interesting vendor devices there.  I still remember one of my favorite memories was testing the prototype first-gen Microsoft XBox video game console, when it was still a complete secret.  Nvidia had brought in to validate their Ethernet interface before finishing up the hardware design of the unit for Microsoft.  I stayed on there continuously, working during both the school years and summers, until I graduated, which not only afforded me with tons of real-world work experience in a technical field, but also allowed me to support myself financially while getting through school.  The hands-on knowledge I gained there working with Ethernet and IP technologies also translated directly into continued success I had at companies after graduating.  Working at the IOL was a huge advantage for me professionally that was entirely unique to UNH.

At the time I graduated in Dec. 2001, things were pretty bad economically in the technology sector.  The dot-com bubble had burst, 9/11 had only just happened a couple of months before, and we were in the middle of a recession.  As a result, there were already a lot of unemployed software developers out there in the market, which made it tough for a fresh college grad to find work in that field.  As a result, my first job out of college had nothing to do with software development, and was actually doing technical support for a DOCSIS Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) vendor called ADC Telecommunications, which was a hot market at that time, as residential high-speed internet connections were booming and cable service providers were buying lots of DOCSIS equipment to expand their networks.  From there, I went on to work for one of the cable companies, Cox Communications, as a data network engineer managing and expanding their state-wide HSI network.  This job was all the way in Wichita, KS, of all places, and moving so far away from family and friends here in the northeast was difficult.  After just shy of a year working at Cox, we moved back to NH, and I got a job in technical support again at a small startup called Ellacoya Networks, which was focused on the nascent Deep Packet Inspection market, geared to provide tiered internet services and traffic bandwidth control (which Net Neutrality effectively put an end to, thankfully).  Subsequent to that, I went to work for another small startup called Camiant, which produced a software product called a PCRF in 3G and 4G mobile wireless networks.  Through a series of acquisitions, the company eventually ended up owned by Oracle, where I still work in technical support today.  My career has kind of mirrored the evolution of the internet in some ways - from Ethernet LANs at the IOL, to residential high speed internet over DOCSIS, to traffic and bandwidth control, to GSM/CDMA/LTE mobile wireless networks.

Interestingly enough, a new opportunity for me in the software field has come up here at Oracle, as a Java developer working in virtualization and cloud computing.  After a 15-year hiatus from doing any software development, I am attempting to get back into it again and finally start using all of the things I learned while in CS at UNH.  It's pretty daunting, especially when you haven't used any of those skills in such a long time, but I pulled out some of my old textbooks, and am doing crash course refreshers to try and get back up to speed.  As it turned out, the hiring manager was primarily interested in speaking to me because of my education and degree in CS from UNH.  He said that his son just graduated from the CS program last year, and commented that he knew first-hand the quality of the program at UNH and recognized that it was not an easy accomplishment for someone to graduate from it.  So it looks like after such a long time completely out of the field, I may finally get the opportunity I didn't 15 years ago after graduating, but thanks to my UNH CS studies and experience at the IOL, I think it will be a success, and that speaks directly to the success of UNH's CS program as well.

Stelmach, Joseph                 BSCS ‘04

Currently a Sr. Engineering Manager at Dyn Inc. in Manchester, NH

After graduation, I spent some time performing IT work with the Geek Squad.

Subsequently, I had several small stints (less than 2 years ) as quality assurance and software development.

About 3.5 years ago, I started down the 'management' road, leveraging my technical skills and strong soft skills.

Stern, Justin*                       BSCS ‘04

After graduating from UNH with a BS in CS in 2004, I continued working full time for the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies on campus developing webapps and tools in PHP.

In early 2005 I took a job with a company named Auspice in Waltham, MA as a junior software engineer focused on building Java apps for the telecom industry.

In 2007 I married Jennifer Mercado, whom I had met while studying abroad in London in 2003 through the UNH London Program. Also in 2007 I took a job with, one of the largest physician comparison websites at the time, as a senior engineer, working on the PHP-based site, and MySQL database. At the same time I tried starting a company on the side with a friend, we built a ruby on rails social webapp, and a Motorola phone app, neither of which were successful, and both of which, along with the company, are shut down.

By mid-2011, I decided to get serious about my dream of working for myself, so I left UCHC as lead engineer on good terms and began working as an independent contractor, with a focus on ecommerce.

In early 2013 I formed a company, SkyVerge Inc., with a former client and the goal of becoming the largest 3rd party developer of WooCommerce extensions (a WordPress ecommerce plugin). In mid 2013 my wife and I bought our first home in North Chelmsford, MA, and had our first son: Aidan.

By 2014 we achieved our initial goal with SkyVerge becoming the largest WooCommerce 3rd party development team and have since grown to a team of 10 full time, expanded into Shopify apps through our ShopStorm brand, and cross-platform apps with our abandoned card recovery app called Jilt.

In late 2015 my wife and I welcomed our second son, Liam, into the world.

Stone, Daniel*                      BSCS ‘83

Currently working for IGT doing low level development on Linux.

Strybos, Marcy Morrison    BSCS ‘80

After graduation, I started out as a PL/1 and assembler programmer in Boston at Lahey Clinic. After 2 years I became an IBM Systems Programmer supporting CICS and later MVS on large IBM mainframes.   I eventually moved to Apollo Computer doing the same work.   Apollo was bought by Hewlett Packard, which moved us to Colorado Springs. I finished my Masters in Computer Science after arriving in Colorado.  I continued working on IBM systems for another couple of years and transitioned to supporting SAP on HP UNIX systems.   During the HP/Agilent split, I stayed with HP and move to Northern California.   At HP I chose to stay in the Technical track and was lucky to get an early retirement package a few years ago.  I'm retired now and living in South Carolina, I volunteer as a Technical Specialist with AARP TaxAide, so I still get to use my Tech skills.

Sullivan, Briana                   MS ‘04

Briana Sullivan was hired in 2005 as a Research Scientist in the Visualization Lab. She works on the “Chart of the Future” related project with research focused on value added nautical charts.

Research Areas: Electronic Charting, e-Navigation, User Interfaces

Research Focus:

Her focus includes supplementary data to the charts including:

     * Local Notice to Mariners

     * the Coast Pilot/Sailing Directions

     * Chart 1/INT 1 (symbols)

     * Rules and Regulations

     * the Light List

     * and other marine related data

Her aim is to find optimal data structures for the supplemental data as well as innovative ways to display that data within the context of a nautical chart. She has prototypes for her work at her website most notably ChUM - the Chart Update Mashup that brings the Local Notice to Mariners together with a nautical chart in a Google Maps interface.

Setting Standards

Actively involved in the S-100 - The IHO Universal Hydrographic Data Model development, she serves on several of the International Hydrographic Organization’s (IHO) working groups including:

     * Nautical Information Provision Working Group (NIPWG)

     * Tides, Water-levels and Currents Working Group (TWCWG)

She also serves as liaison to the U.S. and Brazilian members of The Joint WMO-IOC (World Meteorological Organization – Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) S-412 (Met-Ocean data) working group for portrayal recommendations.

Swan, James*                       BSCS ‘07

Swindell, Beth Walsh          BSCS ‘79

Since graduation (May 1979), I have been employed by several companies; Digital Equipment Corporation, Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Town & Country Fine Jewelry, and Copyright Clearance Center. My positions have been in Information Technology, supporting business management applications (financials, inventory management, customer information) and several Project Management positions. Currently I am at Copyright Clearance Center as an implementation specialist, configuring rules for a publisher-specific copyright permission management applicaiton.

In 1983 I married, and my husband Peter and I raised 3 children. We live in Danvers MA and enjoy a second home in East Wakefield NH (Balch Lake).

My UNH education has been a source of pride, and is truly the foundation of a successful career. I would do it all over again!

Taft, Frederick                      BSCS ‘79

I graduated from UNH in 1979, and immediately began working at Northern Telecom, in Concord; our focus was on telephone test systems.  My dream had always been to work for the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), so after a year, I began putting out feelers to see if I could wrangle a job interview.  In early 1980, I was hired by HP, to work on computer terminals in their Sunnyvale, CA facility; I was part of a team developing HP’s first color graphics terminal.  It was there that I met my future wife, Dianne, who also was a software engineer at HP.  After getting married in 1981, we both realized the “big city” wasn’t for us, so we looked to transfer to an HP facility in a smaller town.  We hoped to move to Colorado, but God had different plans, and we instead ended up at the Corvallis, OR facility.  During my time working in the Corvallis facility, I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of interesting projects: a Unix-based portable computer, the X Windows system, the Motif user interface toolkit, the CDE desktop, digital projectors and a wide variety of printing related projects.  In 2007, after 27 years of employment, I took advantage of an early retirement offer, and retired from HP.

We continue to reside in Corvallis, OR.  Since retiring, Dianne and I have kept ourselves busy volunteering at church, traveling a bit and geocaching.  Our real passion these past few years has been working with the orphans and at-risk children in Romania.  Each year we travel there and spend time with the children … it has been an amazing adventure … one we plan on continuing to do as long as we are able.

Tang, Xuan*                          MS ‘04

Xuan Tang is the head of storage security engineering and strategic product owner at EMC?s Midrange Storage Solutions Division, where he is responsible for driving product security strategy, innovation and feature development. He is a passionate technologist with extensive experience in the areas of storage management, provisioning, security, big data modeling and visualization. He holds 12 US patents and co-authored several research papers in leading international conferences. Xuan holds a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire, where he was involved with developing a scientific database for distributed data sets.

Tatashin, Pavel*                   BSCS ’05, MS ‘07

Trasatti, Philip*                   BSCS ‘82

Technologist, software developer, leader/engineering manger, innovator.

Have worked in large companies and start ups. DEC, SeaChange International (Early founder and grew to $225M annual rev.), EMC

Extensive experience in Android Apps, Video-on-demand, enterprise storage, networking, etc.

Successful venture capital investor in multiple start ups. Broadband Access Systems, Mellanox, SeaChange.

Recently, I launched a fairly successful Android App (2000 installs in 6 months) in the Internet of Things arena (car performance analysis and visualization). This is one of my hobbies and I thought it might be of interest for the CS35th. 

See these links for details on my app:


Trial, Michelle                     BSCS ‘79

See Michelle Jablonski.*

Valcourt, Scott*                    MS ‘99

Scott Valcourt serves as the Director of IT Strategic Technology at the University of New Hampshire and is the chief visionary for UNH’s investment in cyberinfrastructure. Named “one of the most powerful people in networking” by NetworkWorld Magazine in 2001, Scott has been part of the development process for over a dozen networking technologies as a consortium manager and second director of the UNH InterOperability Laboratory from 1993-2004 and as a Research Project Manager in the UNH Computer Science department.  Scott has been the principal investigator (PI) of Network NH Now, a collaboration of public and private partners that constructed critically needed broadband expansion across NH through more than 750 miles of new and existing fiber and microwave technologies, as well as the co-PI of the New Hampshire Broadband Mapping and Planning Program that continues to focus on broadband mapping statewide.  Scott is currently constructing Science DMZ networks for UNH and Saint Anselm College to move research data faster, easier and safer.  Scott has won and managed over $100 million in grant funds focused on the creation of next generation infrastructure and applications utilizing broadband across the region.

Villa, Adam*                         PhD ‘12

I joined the faculty of Providence College in 2012 and was recently promoted to Associate Professor of Computer Science.   I am also the associate director of the Center for Teaching Excellence on campus.   I continued my research in the field of Big Data management and have published several conference and journal publications since graduation.

Vineyard, Jeannie                BSCS ‘77

I graduated in December of 1977 with CS degree and spent my initial 10 years in the software industry in development and management roles at larger companies. I then discovered the thrill and challenge of smaller start-ups and spent the next 25 years building and leading software development teams in a veriety of industries including machine vision, systems management and virtualization. Along the way, I married and had two daughters. I retired in June of 2016.

Vinsel, Elizabeth                  BSCS ‘87

See Elizabeth Looney.

Vohr, Samuel                        BSCS ’07, MS ‘10

Currently at the University of California Santa Cruz Paleogenomics Lab ( Working to complete a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics.

Walsh, Beth                           BSCS ‘79

See Beth Swindell.

Ward, Geoffrey                     BSCS ‘79

Worked in the industry for 35 years after graduating in December 1979. 16 years at DEC, 4 years at a startup (that went through an IPO). 15 Years at another startup (stayed private).  Retired now in SC.

Wilson, Richard*                  BSCS ’97, MS ‘99

Rick is a collaborative software engineer/architect with his most recent role serving as Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM. Expert in leveraging modern development and deployment methods, working in cross-functional team environments, producing software components and systems. Known for deep technical and problem solving skills focused in support of customers and the business model. As technical leader, Rick contributes to business unit strategy, communicates clearly across business levels, keeps abreast of new technologies, and mentors fellow engineers.

Rick is happily living in Dover, NH with his family Raena (class of 97) and Marena.

Winters, Timothy*               BSCS ‘05

Wong, Pak Chung                PhD ‘97

Pak Chung Wong studied scientific data visualization under Professors Dan Bergeron and Ted Sparr in the Computer Science Department at the University of New Hampshire from 1992-1997. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science in spring of 1997, and has worked as a research scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA since. His research interests include visualization, visual analytics, big data exploration, data mining, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Pak and his wife, Patricia, have three children studying in high school and college.

Yost, Israel*                          MS ‘91

Zampini, Robert*                  MS ‘83

1. UNH CS masters degree (1980-83)

2. UNH CS instructor (1983-84, 1986 evening)

3. AT&T Bell Labs Member Technical Staff (MTS) 1984-2000

4. Agilent Technologies, Senior Software Engineer (2000-2003)

5. Sunrise Labs, Senior Software Engineer (contracted to Bose) 2003-2011

6. Bose Corporation, Senior Software Engineer 2011 - present

Personal: Have lived in Seacoast region the entire time since leaving UNH (Portsmouth, North Hampton, Stratham). Married to Mary since 1993, have two daughters, Katie (junior at UNH), and Rachel (freshman at UNH).