CS980 Advanced Topics: Network Research

Course Outline

Topics: The goal of the course is to carry out an in-depth study of several areas of the current networking research and to explore novel ideas in those areas. One of the major outcomes of the course is familiarization with the methods and processes of research work.
URL: http://myunh.unh.edu/
Credits: 3
Section: 01
Semester: Fall 2013
Date/Time: MW 11:10 am - 12:30 pm, Kingsbury N233 (CS Dept. Conference Room)
Instructor: Radim Bartos
Office: Kingsbury N229, rbartos AT cs.unh.edu, http://www.cs.unh.edu/~rbartos
Phone: (603) 862-3792
Office hours: MW 10 - 11 am and by appointment
Prerequisite: CS725/825 Computer Networks
Teaching method: Study of academic papers, in-class presentations and discussions, paper reviewing, proposing and developing novel ideas.
Papers: The students are expected to write several substantial papers covering the studied material or describing the novel ideas. Some of the paper writing will be done in groups. The papers must satisfy the formal requirements of an IEEE conference submission.
Exams: There will be no midterm or final exams.
Grading: Presentations 40%, papers 40%, class participation 20%. Grading scale: 95% and above: A, 90% and above: A-, 87% and above: B+, 83% and above: B, 80% and above: B-, 77% and above: C+, 73% and above: C, 70% and above: C-, etc. Students with a documented disability must register with the UNH Disability Services. More...
Text: There will be no textbook, the course is based on academic papers that can be obtained from the library or the Internet.