Honors in Major

Computer Science


I. Minimum Grade Point Average in major: 3.50

II. Students must successfully complete one of the following course sequence options:

CS (12 Credits):

  1. CS 745 or CS 723 
  2. a programming intensive elective
  3. an honors section of a 700-level course or a 900-level course.
CS: Bioinformatics (12 Credits):
  1. CS 758. 
  2. one of CS 730, 770, 975 or 981. 
  3. GEN 996 (in lieu of BCHM 711).



A. Students must successfully complete a thesis project, CS 696HW Independent Study (4 or 5 credits).

B. Students must complete a project or thesis on a topic approved by the departmental honors committee and supervised by a faculty member in the department. The student must submit a written report and give a public demonstration or presentation of the results upon completion of this course.

Students are required to submit their project or thesis plan for approval by the departmental honors committee no later than the end of the semester prior to their commencement of CS 696H.

NOTE:  Alternative programs of study can be designed by honors students, but must be approved by the undergraduate studies committee.

NOTE: * If a 900-level course is taken (only 3 credits), a 5 credit CS 696 should be taken (instead of 4 credits) in order to have a total of 16 credits.