Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the deadline for applying for the fall or spring semester?
A: There is no deadline for applications; however, there are some factors to consider: International students need to allow enough time to apply for a visa after being admitted to the program. For those who apply for the fall semester, most financial aid offers are made in early March. The ability to obtain financial aid after that time is very limited. There is also very little aid available for spring applicants.

Q: Does the CS Department require MS and PhD applicants to take the GRE Subject Test?
A: No. The GRE Subject Test is recommended but not required. However the GRE general test is required. 

Q: What are the minimum required scores for the GRE and TOEFL?
A: There are many factors involved in the decision to offer admission to either the MS or PhD program, and GRE and TOEFL scores are just one of them. More important than your GRE scores is the stature of your undergraduate institution and your GPA. Although there are no GRE minimums, we typically look for quantitative and analytical scores over 650 (or 5 for analytical writing). A verbal score higher than 600 is often a differentiating factor. The minimum recommended total TOEFL score is a minimum of 550 paper based, 213 on the computer-based and 80 on the internet based. Before offering a teaching assistantship for a student who would be in front of a class, we will verify their command of English.

Q: I took the GRE several years ago. Do I have to re-take the exam in order to apply to the CS graduate program?
A: Only if you took the test more than five years ago. Scores older than five years are not accepted.

Q: What is UNH's College Code (CEEB Code)?
A: The UNH College code (CEEB Code), which you will need when requesting that test scores be sent to UNH, is 003918.

Q:  How can I found out the status of my application

A: This information can be found on the UNH Graduate School web site. Go to:

Q: What is the application procedure for international students?
A: Visit the Graduate School Web site at for complete information.

Q: What kind of financial aid is available for graduate students in the Computer Science program?
A: Many of our graduate students receive financial aid, often in the form of teaching assistantships, and research assistantships, as well as full and partial scholarships. For more information, go to the Graduate Appointments page ""

Q: What do I do if I have already finished up all my courses and am just finishing up my project or thesis?
A: You should sign up for GRAD 900 (not to be confused with CS 900).

Q: I need to be a full-time student, but I have already taken all the courses I need to graduate except one or two (one if you have an assistantship and two if you haven't). Do I have to take other courses just to maintain my full-time status?
A: No. Just register for GRAD 900 in addition to the other course(s) you need to graduate.

Q: Will The UNH Graduate School accept photocopies of the GRE and TOEFL Scores when I send in my application?
A: No. Official scores from ETS are required.