Linux routing project

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Phase 1       Experiment on Static Routing Performance

                 When packet size is optimal, the max throughput can be about 1% less than ideal theoretical throughput 100Mb/sec. See experiment

                  Question 1: Why  the RTT is much less than it was when packet size is 16KB or 64KB when packet size is 32KByte? See Here.

                  Question 2: Why the RTT is NOT that stable when packet size is 64KByte and this fluctuation seems not because of TCP retransmission
                                      See here

Phase  2       Experiment packet dropper on Kernel 2.4.10, Reading Kernel Code and Documents on Advanced Routing Topics

                    Questions: Regular Dropping gets a much better performance than Random Dropping. Why??
Random Dropping gets a much better performance than NS(network simulator) result. Why??
When doing regular dropping, if we set dropping rate to 1 out of every 6 (or less), The throughput varies significantly each time. why???

Phase 3        Coding & debugging & testing

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