CS504 Web Design and Development Assignment #6

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Due at the start of class on
Thursday, October 30

Submit the following exercises from pages 189-192 at the end of Chapter 6:

11 thru 17, 22, 24 thru 28, 31, 37 thru 39, 48 thru 52, 56 and 57

  • Your submission should be typed (diagrams may be drawn by hand if you wish, but they must be neat and clearly labeled)
  • You should show your work whenever applicable
  • Each answer should be clearly numbered
  • Your name and the text "Assignment #6" should appear at the top of each page
  • If multiple pages are required, staple them together
  • Some exercises may require additional research (perhaps on the Web)
  • Not all exercises will necessarily be worth the same number of points
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